What is difference between Weber Spirit and Spirit 2? – Expert Opinions


Today I will provide every information about the weber spirit and spirit 2, so after you read my article. You will have no doubts about the grill that will be your next appliance for your home to bring happiness to your face.

Weber Spirit Vs Spirit II

These gas grills are made for outdoor use because they make out a lot of smoke which will not be good inside the kitchen and can harm you.

Both grills have different features and good and bad sides but are also liked by many for excellent options and give you the best results.

Spirit has fewer updates than spirit 2 because this version is newly launched with multiple and powerful elements, just like version 1 has a 2 to 4-burner grill. Still, you will get 2 to 6 burners in version 2.

There are differences in grates and materials because variant two was improved by the manufacturers.

Also, we will discuss each part and feature of the grill. Hence, you know about minor differences between the two products.

Weber Spirit and Spirit 2
Weber Spirit and Spirit 2

Weber Grills- A Brief History

This company started in 1952 and brought grills and accessories. After some time, this company was known as the best high-quality and durable products.

They started with those types of grills which have legs. After that, they started producing excellent designs and configurations and made changes every day.

It has gained people’s trust by providing good services and making numerous grills with different fuel sources like charcoal, electric, gas, propane etc. Also, they give accessories on grills like cover rotisseries kits etc.

Weber Spirit Vs Spirit II- An Overview

Weber Spirit

This series was introduced in the 1990s with a classic look, high performance, design and durability.

These are available in different sizes and burners and come with stainless steel grates and auto controls.

Weber Spirit II

This was launched in 2018 with the updated performance of features just as auto igniter and needs and sizes and availability of multiple burners

Its material is made of porcelain enamelled cast iron which is rust-resistant and easy to clean and maintain in hard times like; bad weather & moisture season.

This grill has much more advanced components, such as a thermometer, side burners, led panel light, fuel gauge, sear station, and more enhanced parts.

What Is Common To Both Spirit And Spirit 2?

Both are made for outdoor

Both have propane and gas fuel sources

Both have high-quality material

Both have different colours & sizes

Both are built by the same company

What Is The Difference Between The Weber Spirit & Spirit II?

Weber Spirit

While the spirit is for longer suitable for the traditional

It has 2, 3 and 4 main burners

It has a manual ignition system

It has stainless steel grates

Weber Spirit II

Spirit II is a more updated new version.

It has 2, 3, 4 and 6 main burners

It has a push button to start the igniter device

It has a push button to start the igniter device

It has porcelain enamelled grates

It has a fuel gauge, built-in thermometers and led control panel lighting

Heat Output

Different models have different heat in their burners because of multiple burners.

Spirit ranges from 29k to 39k BTUs in grills; for example, E-310 has 32k, and S-310 has 36k total heat output.

Spirit two has 26.5k to 60k BTUs in burners; some of them are web spirit ii E-210 has 26.5k, E-310 has 32k, and E-410 has 39k BTUs.

IGrill 3

Both grills have this option which gives consistent cooking results. Also, Igrill 3 is included with internal temperature, whose temperature range goes from -22f to 572f. Also, you can set an alert that will tell you the heat has reached the desired number.

Color Options

Both have multiple colours, and here are colours listed out for gaining more knowledge:


Stainless steel





Every model has its own limited colours, and some have all colours included in their models to make them different.

Cart Design

Both versions come with a cart and wheels, which will be easy to move anywhere on the patio and store accessories in the cart.

The cart has enough size to put accessories like; utensils, gloves and cylinder of gas or propane.

Drop-Down Side Tables

Both grills come with folding down the side shelf, which is not in use, so you can get the ride for some time for easy cooking and save time from cleaning it.

These shelves are made of high-quality stainless steel and are stable and suitable for those who have to use the shelve to prep food.

Wheels For Movement

Wheels are located bottom of the frame and are made of high-quality rubber for a smooth ride also good for portability if you have ample space in the backyard.

These wheels are lockable to keep the grill fixed in the same position without moving.

Cost And Warranty

Different grill prices in both versions start from 400$ to 1000$ and have more costs because market value has increased.

Also, these grills have a limited-time warranty. If your grill has defects and problems, you can get help from the helpline until the warranty period. Every model has different types and years of warranty.

The fuel cost depends on how many times in weeks, months and years you use the grill and how much time your grill is used for cooking.

Comparison Table

FeatureSpiritSpirit 2
GratesStainless steelPorcelain-enameled cast iron
Heat output (BTUs)26,500-39,00026,500-60,000

Weber’s Smart Grills

Innovative grills have more outclass features like apps which will give you exclusive access to the grill to control it through the app, which can be temperature control. Also, you will know the range of heat, and there is a led lighting grease management system, which makes it a more advanced grill than the weber.