Grilla Grills Silverbac Wood Pellet Grill Alpha Connect (WiFi) Review 20s – is it worth?


Today we will talk about grilla grills Silverbac, a company that sells different grills and Smokers’ wide varieties.

This company is famous for its quality product manufacturing; its products have all the features that every grill should have and that people want to include in their grills.

Grilla Grills Silverbac
Grilla Grills Silverbac


Main Cooking Area: 26×19.5=507″ inches

Frame Material: Grill grates made from ¼-inch stainless steel rod

Weight: 195 lbs

What to Look for When Buying a Grilla Grills Silverbac


In this grill, you are given a lot of space to store the pellets in Hopper storage, where you can keep a large number of pellets for more time cooking, and you don’t have to refill.

The hopper is located on the side of the grill, and you also get a lid on the hopper, which you can close after filling the pellets, and you are also given the facility to check your fuel and how much your pellet level is left.

In the grilla’s different grills, you get various features, an auto hopper feed system, and the pellets are automatically fed in the firepot.

Auger system

This grill has a hopper feed system that pushes the pellets to the firepot for heat, and the Auger is a device that moves the pellets from the hopper to the firepot.

The Auger system plays an essential part in the grill, without which we cannot deliver the pellets to the firepot; let me also tell you that we control the Auger in this grill with a digital device controller, which automatically sets the flow of the pellets.


The body of this grill is built in stainless steel, which is the weighty duty, and it also has powder-coated steel, which gives extra protection from rust.

The surface of this grill is also made of stainless steel, so it is effortless to clean and maintain, providing good performance and long-lasting.

Cooking area

You get a lot of cooking area, which makes this grill a must-buy; this is an excellent grill for significant events and gatherings as more food can be prepared.

This grill has a giant cooking area of more than 600 square inches, where you can cook many vegetables and meats.

You also get a warming rack in it which is called the secondary cooking area, and its size is more than 180 square inches.

The surface of this grill is made of stainless steel, the quality of which is high, and it is so durable that you can clean it easily.

Its heat can be controlled digitally, and you can cook your favorite food by setting the timer yourself, making your grill the best choice.

Temperature Controller

It has a digital device connection, using which you set your temperature. This grill also has this feature; the device has a timer that tells you the cooking time.

On the front of the grill, you get a panel to control the temperature you set, and it automatically starts grilling the food and uses the pellet feed system.

Temperature control is essential because it lets us know the temperature of our food, and we can track everything.

Easy Ignition

In this grill, you get an ignition system, and to start it, fill the pellets in the hopper and then switch on the controller devices, then your grill will start.

In this, you select the temperature of your choice and start providing your grill heat quickly.

Meat Probe

A Meat probe is a needle inserted into the food, and the internal heat is checked to see how much heat it has cooked and how much heat remains.

This tool is essential to know the temperature of the mutton brisket because it can be monitored how the food is cooked.

Drip Tray Steep Angles

It has a drip tray in the bottom of the grill, collects fats and juices from the food, and is removable, which you can clean anytime, and is built-in metal and heat resistant.

Each grill model has a different drip location, some drip is at the bottom of the grill, and some is on the back side of the grill, and it improves the performance of your grill and protects it from the mess.


Many things can be easily managed with this grill. It is also straightforward because it has primarily automatic attachments, such as setting the temperature and then keeping the hardwood auto-feed.

The built-in of this grill is also of good quality stainless steel, due to which cleaning this grill becomes very easy.

Cooking, Grilling, Smoking on the Grills

You can do different types of cooking on this grill, and this grill also has features some tips are:

First, place your grill on high for 10 minutes as the grill starts to heat up, then you can prepare your food.

After placing the food on the grill, keep flipping it with the help of the utensils, and you can use a meat probe to check the temperature of the food as if the food is cooked well.

If you want smoky food, you can fill the pellets in a hopper, bring to temperature, and place them on grates for sear marks and smoky flavors.

Other Highlights

You get many more features in this grill that you must know; just like in this grill, you also get kamado-style, making even better and tasty food.

Grill Cover

In this grill, you also get a grill cover of excellent quality and heavy-duty, which protects your grill from the elements that can spoil your grill.

It is vital to have grill covers because if we keep them open, they get rust, and our grill gets damaged, and whenever your grill is not in use, you can cover the grill.

Shutting Down the Grill

There are a few steps you have to follow to turn off the grill, so here are the steps:

First, if you use a propane tank, you will turn it off so we can remove all attachments from the grill.

After the grill is excellent, clean it and remove its power cords, cover it, and keep it safe in a protective area.

Cleaning and Maintenance

After using the grill, you can brush the grates with a grill brush to remove the mess, but if the grates are very dirty, you can clean these with soapy water, dry them and use them again.

Remove the burners from the grill, clean any dirt with any cleaner, soak them in soapy water for some time, and then clean the burners thoroughly.

Remove all the used pellets from the hopper, clean the hopper with any detergent, and then dry and refill it.

You can also clean the grill’s exterior with detergent and dry it with a cloth for future use.

Regularly check your grill’s hoses, fuel lines, and all components for working order to keep track of your grill’s performance and maintenance.


If you buy this grill from a retailer, you can get it at a low price because of its high quality, the products of grilla grills are expensive, but if you buy it from an online website or an online shop, you will get it at a low price.

Its sound quality indicates that this grill has been long-lasting for many years, and if you are looking for a grill for the long term, this grill can be your best option; it also offers you many advanced features and accessories which come together.


So today, we have discussed a model of a grilla grill and seen its few features in detail. Those experiencing this grill in real life will also know about the grill’s performance.

This grill has many new and updated components which are not available in standard grills; if you want to try a new model grill with good quality, then you must buy this grill.

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