Masterbuilt 40″ Bluetooth Electric Smoker, Tested & Reviewed


The Masterbuilt 40″ is an electric smoker which has a large size and is designed for smoking. You can cook different items such as meat, chicken and vegetables.

In it you get many different features like a digital panel with which you can control the temperature and you also get different types of pans with which you can collect oil or water.

We will define these things in detail as you know their results and performance.

Masterbuilt 40
Masterbuilt 40″ Bluetooth Electric Smoker

Masterbuilt 40″ Bluetooth Electric Smoker Overview

In this smoker you get different features in many numbers, due to which you can buy this grill:

This smoker size is also 40 inches and during cooking time you get a lot of cooking space in it because it has 4 racks.

In it you get a bluetooth thermometer that you can control the temperature of your cooking sitting anywhere.

In this you get 1200 watts and it heats up the entire chamber.

Masterbuilt 40″ Specifications

Masterbuilt 40″ Bluetooth Electric Smoker
Dimensions20.5 x 19.88 x 40.16 inches
Weight57.3 pounds
Cooking area978 sq. in.
Heating element1,200 watts
Number of smoking racks4
MaterialStainless steel exterior, powder-coated steel body
FeaturesDigital control panel, Bluetooth thermometer, built-in meat probe thermometer, built-in temperature gauge, side wood chip loading system, front access drip pan, removable water pan, drip deflector, built-in handle and wheels
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Unboxing & Setup

you have to take out Smoker carefully because it’s a bit heavy, you can have two people help you so that the Smoker doesn’t get damaged.

Whenever you unbox product, always record a video of it so that you have a video as proof of your claim.

Whenever you open a product, check the box because some accessories are on the corners of the box, so you will have to find it carefully.

In this you get smoking racks which you fit into the smoker’s chamber because that’s what we cook on and you get 4 racks.

In this you get a drip pan in the front which we place as any food oil or fat collects in it.

You get water pan which adds moisture and makes your food juicy.

There are wood chips that add flavor to your food, like adding hardwoods to your wood chips, etc.

You are also given a meat probe to check the heat of your food.

And most importantly, you are given an owner’s manual and sometimes a book guide to assemble the Smoker.

Build quality

You have been given good quality in the grill because its mostly material is stainless steel and powder coated steel body which is very durable and long lasting.

Drip and water pan are also built-in of chrome-coated steel or stainless steel, which reduces the chances of rust.

Smoking on Masterbuilt Bluetooth Electric Smoker

First of all, you can keep your smoker on the heat and then you can give it the desired temperature like 10 minutes for it to be properly warm.

You can also add chips of different flavors to get better flavors.

You can place your meat on the racks now, the closer you keep the food to the racks, the faster it will be.

Then you will keep the meat or vegetable tables and keep them away until you think that the food is cooked and only you can see it from your mobile phone.

When your meat ETC reaches your desired temperature, you can also use the meat probe and then finally you can take the meat out of the smoker to do the food taste.

Using wood chips on the Masterbuilt smoker

You can use any brand and flavor of your choice in side chip wood. If you want to use multiple flavors, you can use it like apple or hickory and these are also very famous flavors.

The digital controller

The digital control panel is built in the front of your smoker from where you can easily set the temperature and along with this you also get a thermometer attached, time to time where you can know the range of the heat.

Bluetooth and Masterbuilt app experience

You get one app that you can turn your smoker’s temperature on and off and set its timing and start by setting a desirable temperature.You can use it anywhere you just need good Wi-Fi signals.

You can use it in both Android and Apple Store, once your Smoker is connected to your device, you can easily control and monitor the entire temperature.

Cleaning the smoker

After cooking, you can let your smoker cool down and then you can first clean it with a stainless steel brush to remove the dirt.

Then you can soak the smoking racks, pans in hot water for a while and then you can make soapy water in which you can add water and vinegar and clean well with this water.

Then you can clean everything with a cloth as if it quickly dries all the things, then you can pack them and keep them in a safe place.

Temperature variance and accuracy

Mostly smoker comes with these items which are smoking racks in which you get very little heat color due to which the food doesn’t cook well so you know you have to play a lot of this thing before buying any smoker.

As you can see, in masterbuilt you are given a manual which you can use to get tips for temperature. You should always use good quality chip wood and then check the internal temperature. If you have any problem then you can contact the manufacturer.


Apart from this product, you can buy many different types of Smoker from famous companies with multiple specifications.


So today we talked about what features of the masterbuilt we should buy a Smoker because everything depends on us, which features we like more and we want to buy the product.