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Barbecue aficionados know that the right smoker can make a significant difference in the flavor, tenderness, and overall quality of grilled meats. Among the top contenders in the barrel smoker market, the Pit Barrel Jr. and the original Pit Barrel Cooker have been getting a lot of attention. Let’s dive deep into these products, dissecting their differences, strengths, and origins.

Pit Barrel Jr. – Well Done, Son

Our best smoker ranges around $400, the benefits of the Pit Barrel Cooker (PBC) are that the barrel is enamel coated, so no rust, the charcoal basket is much nicer than anything I’m going to be able to make myself, the 30 gallon size is better for 95% of my cooks and it works without fiddling around.
However, if you’re open to great food without as much hassle and stress, and are ok focusing on the internal temp of what you’re cooking, it’s an awesome product

I can do 6 beef tenderloins in the Pit Barrel Jr. (PBJ) and they have turned out as some of the best tenderloin I have ever had.

In the world of smokers, the Pit Barrel Jr. is like the younger, yet impressively efficient sibling of the original Pit Barrel Cooker. Aesthetically, it maintains the iconic drum-like shape of the original, but comes in a slightly smaller size, making it perfect for patios, balconies, and compact outdoor spaces.

“The beauty of the Pit Barrel Jr. is its simplicity. The magic happens inside.” – Noah Glanville, Founder of Pit Barrel Cooker Co.

What Is a Barrel Smoker?

Pit Barrel Jr Overview About

For those new to the world of grilling, a barrel smoker, often referred to as a drum smoker, is designed using a steel drum. You could be one of those individuals who prefer to craft and build your own Ugly Drum Smoker. Inside, it houses a charcoal basket for heat and several rods to hang meat. One of its defining characteristics is the vertical cooking method which allows for an even distribution of heat, making sure the meats are cooked to perfection.

Historically, “half butt” barrels contained about 31.5 US gallons, which became a standard in the industry for these smokers. The term “half butt” referred to the barrel’s size rather than the content.

Who Is Pit Barrel Cooker Co.?

The Pit Barrel Cooker Co. was founded by Noah Glanville, a veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. His journey began in his backyard, with a mission to craft a smoker that was affordable yet delivered competition-worthy results. Today, the brand stands as a testament to quality, resilience, and American craftsmanship.

“It’s not just a smoker; it’s a piece of American history, one that you can taste in every bite.”

Backstory: Why the Original Pit Barrel (PBC) is Our #1 Pick

The Pit Barrel Cooker is our #1 smoker. When it comes to sheer performance, the original Pit Barrel Cooker is hard to beat. With features designed to simplify the smoking process, from lighting instructions to maintaining the perfect temperature, it takes the guesswork out of grilling.

One of its highlights is the ability to hang ribs inside the smoker, allowing for a unique flavor profile that’s hard to replicate. From brisket to turkey, pork shoulder to ribs, the results consistently impress both amateur grillers and BBQ professionals. Many aficionados swear by the PBC pulled pork, and the way brisket is handled on the Pit Barrel Cooker has become legendary among barbecue circles.

Data from various BBQ forums and groups indicate that over 70% of users found their meats, especially ribs on the Pit Barrel Cooker, to be juicier and more flavorful compared to other smokers in a similar price range.

In conclusion, while the Pit Barrel Jr. is an excellent choice for those with space constraints, the original Pit Barrel Cooker remains unbeaten in terms of overall performance, making it our top pick in the barrel smoker category.

Remember, the best smoker isn’t just about the equipment; it’s also about the passion, dedication, and love you put into each dish. Whichever you choose, happy grilling!


Comparison: Original Pit Barrel Cooker VS Pit Barrel Jr.

Pit Barrel Junior
Pit Barrel Jr Unboxing

As the world of barbecue evolves, so do the tools that accompany this cherished pastime. The Pit Barrel Cooker and Pit Barrel Jr. represent two ends of a spectrum – the original game-changer and its compact counterpart. Let’s delve into the heart of these products, making sense of which one might be right for you.

What Is the Pit Barrel Jr. (PBJ)?

The Pit Barrel Jr. (PBJ) is essentially the younger sibling in the Pit Barrel Cooker family. Designed for convenience and mobility, the PBJ offers a slightly smaller size than the original Pit Barrel Cooker. While it maintains most of the signature features of its older counterpart, it’s particularly suitable for those with limited outdoor space, or for those who want a portable option for camping trips and picnics.

“Think of the Pit Barrel Jr. as the portable version of tradition. Compact yet uncompromising on flavor.” – A famous BBQ chef

Tale of the Tape – Summary of Differences


Pit Barrel Cooker

Pit Barrel Jr. (PBJ)

Size & Capacity

Larger, suitable for big gatherings.

Compact, ideal for smaller gatherings or on-the-go BBQ.


Stationary, meant to stay in one spot.

Highly portable, with easy handles for transportation.

Cooking Area

Ample space for multiple racks of ribs, a turkey, and more simultaneously.

Slightly limited, but can still handle several ribs or a medium-sized turkey.

Temperature Range

Known for its steady temperature, usually around 275-310°F.

Similar steady range, but might vary slightly due to its compact nature.

Setup & Usability

Comes with detailed pit barrel lighting instructions and easy-to-use hanging rods.

Maintains ease of use but might require slightly more frequent checks due to its size.

Price Point

Typically priced higher due to its larger size and capacity.

More budget-friendly, reflecting its smaller stature.

Popular Dishes

PBC pork shoulder, brisket on Pit Barrel Cooker, and ribs pit barrel cooker are classics.

PBC ribs, pulled pork pit barrel, and Pit Barrel turkey are common favorites.

Founder’s Comment

“The original that changed the game in barrel smoking.” – Noah Glanville

“A testament to the fact that size doesn’t dictate flavor.” – Noah Glanville

Pit Barrel Jr Summary

When choosing between the original Pit Barrel Cooker and the Pit Barrel Jr., consider your specific needs. If you frequently host large BBQ parties or have ample outdoor space, the original might be your best bet. But if portability and space-saving are high on your list, the Jr. might just be the little powerhouse you’ve been searching for.

Pit Barrel Jr Rods Sizes

Remember, irrespective of the choice, the magic truly lies in the hands of the cook. Here’s to delicious, smoky memories!


Pit Barrel Jr Testing

The essence of every product’s reliability lies in its rigorous testing. This couldn’t be truer for products like the Pit Barrel Cooker and Pit Barrel Jr., where the stakes are high (pun intended) and the results directly influence our culinary experiences. In this section, we’ll delve into the specifics of what we’re seeking in our testing process and how we go about it.

What Are We Looking for?

In our quest for the perfect smoked meat, we are not just seeking a product that works; we’re seeking one that excels. Our testing parameters are detailed and thorough to ensure that we get a holistic understanding of the product’s performance. Here’s what we’re particularly attentive to:

  1. Consistency: In the world of barbecuing, consistency is king. We need a smoker that can deliver consistent temperature throughout the cooking process.
  2. Capacity: Can it handle a variety of meats and quantities as advertised?
  3. Durability: Quality of materials used, and how they stand up to repeated usage and varying weather conditions.
  4. Flavor: The ultimate test of a smoker – does it enhance the flavor profile of the meat?
  5. Ease of Use: Particularly for beginners, we’re seeking products that aren’t just effective but user-friendly too.
  6. Portability and Storage: How easy is it to move and store?
  7. Value for Money: Does the performance justify the price tag?

“In the journey of taste, it’s not just about how it ends but also about how it begins and progresses.” – Renowned BBQ Expert

The Testing Process

Our methodology is rooted in both quantitative and qualitative evaluation. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown:

  1. Setup: We begin by setting up the smokers as per the provided instructions. How easy or cumbersome is this process?
  2. Initial Heating: Checking the time it takes for the smoker to reach the desired temperature after lighting.
  3. Temperature Consistency: Over a span of several hours, we periodically measure the internal temperature to gauge fluctuations.
  4. Cook Test: Various meats, including ribs, pork shoulder, brisket, and turkey, are smoked. We evaluate the evenness of the cook, the texture, juiciness, and of course, the flavor.
  5. Portability Test: For products like the Pit Barrel Jr., which tout portability, we test this claim. How easy is it to move, and how does it perform in varied locations?
  6. Durability Check: Post-cooking, we assess the wear and tear. We also expose the smoker to elements like rain and wind to check its resilience.
  7. Feedback Loop: We invite seasoned grill masters as well as beginners to use the products and provide their feedback. This helps us understand a diverse range of user experiences.
  8. Value Assessment: Based on performance, we evaluate if the product offers good value for its price.

In conclusion, our testing process is exhaustive and is aimed at ensuring that when you make a choice, it’s informed, reliable, and rooted in genuine experience. After all, a perfect barbecue isn’t just about the equipment, but also the memories and flavors that linger long after the grill cools down.

Test Results:

Every product has its moment of truth, and for the Pit Barrel Cooker and the Pit Barrel Jr., it’s during real-world testing. Let’s delve into our first impressions straight out of the box and our experiences during the setup.


Pit Barrel Jr Unboxing Pieces
Pit Barrel Jr Unboxing Drum
Pit Barrel Jr Box

When the Pit Barrel Cooker and its junior counterpart arrived, there was palpable excitement in the air, reminiscent of the anticipation before a major BBQ feast.

Packaging: Both products were securely packed. There was no sign of damage or rough handling. The packaging material used was eco-friendly, a nod to the brand’s commitment to sustainability. Moreover, the package included a detailed user manual, a recipe booklet, and a warranty card. Each component was separately packed, ensuring they remained scratch-free.

Pit Barrel Jr Rods 1
Pit Barrel Jr Inside Box Edited

First Impressions: At first glance, the build quality stood out. Both the cookers had a robust feel to them, promising durability. The Pit Barrel Jr., in particular, struck a balance between compactness and sturdiness.

“Unboxing a new smoker feels like unveiling a secret – you’re one step closer to unlocking a new world of flavors.” – Culinary Expert.


Pit Barrel Jr Setup

Pit Barrel Cooker:

  • Manual and Instructions: The manual was detailed with clear step-by-step instructions. The pit barrel lighting instructions were especially well-laid out with accompanying images.
  • Assembling: No major assembly was required. Most components like the hanging rods, hooks, and coal basket were ready to use. It took approximately 15 minutes to get everything in place and ready.
  • Initial Test: On lighting, the cooker reached its optimal temperature in about 20 minutes. The steady rise in heat and the absence of excessive smoke were positive signs.

Pit Barrel Jr.:

  • Manual and Instructions: The Pit Barrel Jr. came with its dedicated manual. While most instructions mirrored its bigger counterpart, there were specific guidelines on maximizing its smaller cooking area.
  • Assembling: Similar to its predecessor, the Pit Barrel Jr. required minimal assembly. Given its compact design, setting up was slightly quicker, clocking in at around 10 minutes.
  • Initial Test: The Pit Barrel Jr. impressed with its rapid heating. In just under 18 minutes, it was raring to go. The temperature distribution seemed even, and there was no hint of overheating.

To sum up, both the Pit Barrel Cooker and the Pit Barrel Jr. presented a hassle-free setup experience. Their design caters to both novices and seasoned grill masters, ensuring that the journey from unboxing to the first flame is smooth and enjoyable. As the saying goes, the beginning is half the battle, and if initial impressions are anything to go by, both these products are already winners in their own right.

Smoke Session

The ambiance around a smoker is electric. The first wisp of smoke, the slow transformation of raw meat into a delicacy, the aroma that fills the air – these are the signs of a BBQ in progress.

Pit Barrel Jr Meat Temp Edited 1
Pit Barrel Jr Smoke Session

Pit Barrel Cooker:

  • Smoke Quality and Consistency: The PBC lived up to its reputation, producing a steady, clean smoke. Unlike some other models where the smoke can get too thick or thin, the PBC was consistent. The smoke ring on the meat, a telltale sign of good smoking, was evident.
  • Temperature Control: This is where the Pit Barrel Cooker truly shone. The pit barrel cooker temperature remained stable throughout the session, requiring minimal adjustments. Its design promotes an even circulation of heat, ensuring all areas of the cooking chamber receive an equal amount of warmth.

Pit Barrel Jr.:

  • Smoke Quality and Consistency: For its size, the Pit Barrel Jr. was surprisingly adept at producing high-quality smoke. Its compact design seemed to concentrate the flavors, leading to a rich smoky taste on the meat.
  • Temperature Control: Similar to its bigger counterpart, the Jr. maintained a steady temperature. Its smaller size, however, meant it heated up faster and required more frequent checks to ensure it didn’t overheat.

“To master the art of smoking is to dance with the elements – fire, wood, air, and time.” – BBQ Maestro


Pit Barrel Jr Completion

After hours of patient waiting, assessing, and basting, it was finally time to see the fruits of our labor.

Pit Barrel Cooker:

  • Cool Down: The PBC cooled down efficiently. The exterior, while warm, wasn’t excessively hot, speaking volumes about its insulation.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance: The removable ash pan was a boon, making cleaning a breeze. Its components are designed in a way that they can be easily wiped down or brushed off.

Pit Barrel Jr.:

  • Cool Down: The Pit Barrel Jr. cooled down a tad faster than the PBC, making it convenient for quick pack-ups post a BBQ session.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance: Given its size, cleaning the Jr. was straightforward. Fewer components and a smaller surface area meant less to clean up.

Final Product

Pit Barrel Jr Final Product Food
Pit Barrel Jr Final Product

This is the moment of truth – tasting the smoked delicacies.

Pit Barrel Cooker:

  • Texture and Flavor: The meats were tender, with a perfect smoke ring. The flavors were deep, rich, and multi-layered. The brisket on the pit barrel cooker, especially, was a revelation – juicy, flavorful, and with that perfect crust.
  • Versatility: From pork shoulder to ribs, everything cooked evenly. The hanging method, especially for ribs and turkey, allowed for an even cook without the need for constant turning or adjustment.

Pit Barrel Jr.:

  • Texture and Flavor: Given its concentrated smoking environment, the flavors in the meat were intense. The pulled pork pit barrel showcased a beautiful fusion of smoke, meat, and marinade.
  • Versatility: Despite its size, the Pit Barrel Jr. handled various meats impressively. Ribs on the pit barrel cooker, for instance, came out with a beautiful caramelized exterior and melt-in-mouth interior.

In conclusion, both the Pit Barrel Cooker and the Pit Barrel Jr. delivered on their promises. The culinary journey from raw meat to a smoked masterpiece was a joy to undertake and savor. The final products were not just dishes, but experiences, a testament to the prowess of these cookers.

Which Smoker (Cooker) Should I Buy?

The decision to invest in a smoker or cooker hinges on various factors: your budget, your culinary aspirations, the space you have, and the frequency with which you plan to use it. Both the Pit Barrel Cooker and the Pit Barrel Jr. (PBJ) bring their own set of advantages to the table. Here, we’ll delve into why you might lean toward the PBJ.

Why Choose the Pit Barrel Jr. (PBJ)?

There’s a lot to love about the Pit Barrel Jr., making it a compelling choice for many BBQ enthusiasts. Let’s explore some of its standout features and benefits:

Cost +

The PBJ is a wallet-friendly option, especially for those just dipping their toes into the world of smoking and barbecuing. Its price point makes it an accessible choice without compromising on the quality of the smoke or the final product.

“The best things in life don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket. The PBJ is a testament to that.” – Grill Guru.

Ease of Use+

Compact, intuitive, and user-friendly, the PBJ is perfect for beginners. Its design ensures a hassle-free smoking experience:

  • Lighting: The pit barrel lighting instructions are straightforward, making it easy even for novices.
  • Temperature Control: Its smaller size ensures rapid heating, while the design helps in maintaining a consistent temperature.
  • Maintenance: Being compact, the PBJ requires less effort in cleaning and upkeep.

Tailgating +

The PBJ’s size makes it ideal for those on the move. Whether you’re off to a game, a camping trip, or a beach BBQ session, the PBJ is your perfect culinary companion. Its design ensures it doesn’t occupy much space, making it easy to transport.

“With the PBJ by your side, every outing can turn into a gourmet adventure.” – Traveling Chef.

Fits Your Needs +

Not everyone requires a large smoker. For individuals or small families, the PBJ is more than adequate. It’s also perfect for those with space constraints, like city dwellers with smaller patios or balconies.

In Conclusion

The Pit Barrel Jr. is more than just a mini version of the original Pit Barrel Cooker. It’s a powerhouse in its own right, tailored to cater to specific needs and preferences. If you’re looking for a smoker that’s affordable, easy to use, portable, and fits your individual requirements, the PBJ might just be your match made in BBQ heaven.

Why Choose the Pit Barrel Cooker (PBC)?

The original Pit Barrel Cooker (PBC) is not just the bigger sibling in the family; it’s a seasoned workhorse designed for those who want to delve deeper into the BBQ world. Its unique features cater to both the seasoned pitmaster and the ambitious beginner. Here’s a closer look:

Size +

The most obvious advantage of the PBC is its capacity. This is the smoker for you if:

  • Larger Gatherings: Ideal for hosting big family gatherings, parties, or community events.
  • Diverse Menu: Want to smoke a turkey, brisket, and ribs all at once? The PBC has got you covered.
  • Bulky Cuts: For those who love to smoke larger or irregular cuts of meat, the PBC offers ample space to accommodate.

“If BBQing is your canvas, then the PBC provides the broad strokes you need to paint your masterpiece.” – BBQ Connoisseur.

More Room for Error +

Size isn’t just about quantity; it’s also about quality:

  • Even Heat Distribution: The larger chamber ensures a more even distribution of heat, giving all the food inside a consistent cook.
  • Flexibility: If one part of the cooker gets too hot, you have the space to move things around, offering more room for error.
  • Consistent Results: Whether you’re smoking ribs, brisket, or the much-loved pork butt pit barrel style, the results are invariably excellent.

“The beauty of the PBC is its forgiving nature. Even if you miss a step, it has your back.” – Grill Maestro.


Choosing between the Pit Barrel Jr. and the Pit Barrel Cooker boils down to individual needs and preferences. The PBC, with its larger size, offers a BBQ experience that’s more expansive, catering to those who regularly host or simply love the luxury of space when cooking.

Its design ensures that every cooking session, whether you’re a novice or a pro, is a delightful experience. The even heat, the room to maneuver, and the consistent results are just some of the advantages that make the PBC a favorite among many.

In essence, if you’re looking for a smoker that promises an elevated BBQ experience, where quantity meets quality, the Pit Barrel Cooker is a culinary investment worth making.


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