Pit Boss 700FB Review: Best Pellet Smoker of 20s?


Pit Boss 700FB is the Product of the Danson LLD, And we will cover each corner of this Smoker.

Pit Boss 700FB Overview

This brand usually launches pellet wood grills, which are famous in a wide range because of their different points & features.

This Grill comes in different cooking area sizes. However, today we will discuss the 700 sq; inches grill size, which has more capacity in the hopper for hardwoods to give long duration.

Also, learn more about grill options, such as temperature control, material designs, and all those systems important in every Grill.

  • This is very easy to put together
  • This leads you to believe the temperature reading is pretty accurate and it holds to that temp great.
  • It is time to give it a thorough clean which is very easy
  • Temperature control and monitoring with the probes is awesome
  • On smoke and low setting it uses very little pellets
  • Product came damaged


Key Features

We will get 700 sq inches of cooking area

18 pounds of pellet capacity in the hopper

Some digital control of auger & probe through the board

Included broiler flame & side shelf for extra preparation

Bottle opener on frame

Heavy Quality with Affordable Price


Large cooking space is enough for large families to cook various dishes simultaneously with different additions, like a flame broiler, which performs some traditional taste.

The digital device controls the temperature handle & gives good results; this Grill cooks fast, which means you will grill various food in less time.

Huge capacity

This Grill gives a long duration of Cooking for big events because of 18 pounds hopper capacity. It will work for hours to provide multiple items, such as steaks and burgers, without worrying about the hopper’s space.

You can enjoy and extend time without refilling the pellets and run your long-period sessions if you plan to.

Set and forget cooking

Digital board with probe & auto feed of pellets in auger made easy ways to monitor the temperature and levels of pellets; that’s why we need to remember to worry about adjusting each of these every time.

This Grill provides a set-and-forget option, best for beginners who suffer from maintaining the heat degree and manually feeding pellets. Now you enjoy gatherings without spending more time with Grill.

This Product heats up quickly and cooks food fast if you set perfect timings; it has the feature to sear the meat and give it marks like a pro.

Cooking Surface

This Grill gives you a chance to grill food for gatherings & guests because with 700 approx sq inches of the area of surface, which can cook many dishes.

Cooking grates are made of porcelain-coated, durable, and easy to clean and protect from rust. It will distribute equally on the surface.

Grates are removable to adjust the position, which would be higher and lower depending on recipes & this feature is available in fewer grills.


If you want to go out with this Grill, you must know it is heavy, 130 pounds, and has 2 large wheels for moving one place percentile.

This Grill is hard to disassemble, and you need a plug to connect its wiring, which is the power source.


The body of the Grill is stainless steel with black powder coated, which looks professional and has easy to control the internal temperature with simple adjustments from control panels.

This Grill provides a bottle opener to open the soda and soft drinks and a side shelf for extra work like food preparation, flame broiling, and sear meat. Also, add char to your food.

You will find 2 wheels to move the Grill and a large size of the hopper to store the one bag of hardwood pellets, which would be more than 10 pounds.


Finding the Best Quality Grill at an affordable price, then the pit boss, which is made of different materials: porcelain coated, black powder coating, and stainless steel.

These are long-lasting and easy to maintain and protect from bad weather also moisture; then go with this Grill with less care.


Width62 inches
Depth29 inches
Height49 inches

Fuel Source

Wood pellets are made from pressed wood, which also comes in unique flavors to make food tasty and give you more time at a minimal price.

You can select apple hickory flavors from different brands: pit boss, Traeger purple elephant, etc.

How to use the Pit Boss 71700FB Pellet Grill

Just Follow the Simple steps to start the Grill:

First, assemble the Grill with the guidance of the instruction book.

Add Pellets to the hopper

Plug the wire to give the power

Set the temperature to preheat the Grill

Then place the food and continue to monitor it.

Also, adjust your desirable temperature

After Cooking, remove food and leave to cool down

Clean the Grill, remove the grates and use the brush with soapy water.

Store & cover the Grill from elements that can damage it.

Flame broil racks

These grills provide smoking and roasting food which could make on slow and low heat. These grills are placed on the top of the surface where heat distributes slowly, which is also good for warming food.

Durable grids

These grids are made of porcelain-coated steel, which is very heavy to carry but is the most durable and keeps away food from sticking.

Pellet cleanout chute

You have the authority to clean the used pellets and ash, but easy to remove these quickly because these are attached to the hopper. The cleanout chute is made of stainless steel.

Adjustable upper cooking grates

These are removable and adjustable to cook different food, which could be fish also, you steam. These grates are made of porcelain-coated steel and are easy to clean and maintain.

A word of warning

After every cook, it requires a cleanout session to keep it from rusting and not overfill the hopper, which can catch fire.

Always read the guidance and caution part to know everything about the Grill’s troubles.

PIT BOSS 71700FB Pellet Grill

PIT BOSS 71700FB Pellet Grill


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    Warranty & Customer Service

    Always Ask about the warranty of the Grill because it will help you if any problem occurs. Also, I will recommend you check the warranty papers.

    If you need help with Grill, contact customer care to explain and find solutions. Before buying the Grill, find out the information & FAQs, which will also be mentioned on the order page.


    You will get many positive reviews about the Grill’s results, performance and control of temperature, and food tracking through the meat probe. However, somewhere you will find negative statements, such as assembling the Grill and fluctuating temperature.

    Some people give a 5 rating out of 5, but some give 4.4, 4.5 because everyone has opinions.


    This grill is versatile and durable with different features like the cooking area and quality.

    If you think carefully, this Grill has more options than its price, which is less, but this Grill is a beast with outclass components.