Pit boss austin xl 1000: best pellet grill Tested & Reviewed


We will talk about the Pit boss Austin xl 1000. Are you locating a new grill with different styles of cooking, versatile and savours, but also a very known organisation with more than 100+ suggestions from the public?

Pit Boss Austin XL 1000
Pit Boss Austin XL 1000

Pit Boss Austin XL 1000 Overview

This grill is made by Danson pellet grills, known as Danson LLC; these designed high-quality and large-size grills with a vast capacity for grilling, smoking, roasting and baking.

An outdoor grill because it takes a lot of smoke during the cooking. Its fuel source is a wood pellet which will release the smoke.

In Shortlist, this grill provides several features:

High-quality steel construction, which is long-time durable

For the distribution of heat, we get dual convection fans

Auto Pellet feed option

PID digital panel for peaceful control

Most parts are made of stainless steel

You get two years of warranty

Large window to monitor your food

Pit Boss Austin XL 1000 sq.

Pit Boss Austin XL 1000 sq.


  • Brand: PIT BOSS
  • Power Source : wood pellet
  • Color: Black/Bronze
  • Outer Material : Steel
  • Item Weight : 181 Pounds
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Grill area/cooking space

This grill is large in size and in a cooking area of 1000 sq; with a division of 2 racks which also provides space for more cooking or types of food such as fish, burgers etc.

On this grill, you can cook a large amount of food at once with perfect taste, which is suitable for significant events, parties and occasions too.

  • Easy to assemble and awesome to use
  • The searing option is wonderful
  • Convenient, rapid access to technology
  • It is very versatile
  • Great build quality
  • Extremely efficient
  • Be aware this beast weighs over150 pounds

Dimensions & size

The dimension of this grill is divided into multiple parts, which are:

width 70 inches

Depth 32 inches

Height (lid open): 49 inches & ( lid closed): 44 inches

So after noticing the dimension, you have to look carefully to see if this size will perfectly fit in your backyard or is very large for your patio.

If the size is large, then it is self-evident its size will also be heavy, which is also mentioned in the feature. Must note those too before buying & also, it is portable because you can move from one place to another because of its wheels, and you can disassemble and carry in parts.

Grill power

The power of the grill is pellets made of different materials. Still, popular pellets are pit boss’s own pellets, which give you more consumption time.

This grill has an auto feed auger control system which will not disturb you every time. Still, only you have to refill the hopper before reaching the level of the pellets.

This grill goes up to 500 F, ideal for outdoor grillers who quickly grill, ear and roast at high temperatures.

This grill needs 110V electricity, but you can also use a car battery outside the house camping.

Durability and construction

You can use it regularly because it has high-duty steel, which gives excellent performance and is long-lasting for years also provides heat retention, which is outstanding.

This grill builds a vast window to see through it instead of opening the lid and losing the collected heat. This grill also provides additional options for direct grilling.

This grill is made of stainless steel, the grease management system. Also, it is removable for cleaning and side and shelves for extra food preparation.

All these features have 2 years warranty which is very good, which indicates that the manufacturer designed the best grill material.

Ease of Use

This grill is easy to use because most functions are automatic and are set through the control device attached to the front of the grill.

To set the temperature, just use the wifi or the app; you have access to digital control. Just set the desired number and hit the start button to start cooking food.

You don’t have to worry about the level of the pellets; just fill the hopper, and the grill there self feeds the auger automatically; you just have to check the pellet level before ending of woods.

After the grilling, just remove the greased pan to clean it and prepare for the next session. Also, you can clean the grill with soapy water because the material is made of stainless steel, which is easy to maintain.

Also, the detailed instruction book will drive excellent information about the grill and how to use the option and play with them for learning.


With different types of versatility which are grilling the meat pieces, you can sear them also for beautiful sear marks, which make this grill more attractive. Also, you have a lot of space to cook multiple whole animals on the grill for parties.

You get a fan that can distribute the heat around the surface to cook delicious food. The PID controller will handle the temperature you want.

The flame broiler is built for searing the burgers and steaks; if you want to track the food’s heat, you can use meat probes too.

You can also use the smoking mode to make large dishes such as ribs, brisket and much more.

Temperature variance and accuracy

This grill comes with accurate temperature control because this grill has a PID temperature reader, which adjusts the temperature settings and is easy to control too.

The thermometer is attached to the probe; through this, we catch the heat of the internal grill, so we are alert to stop the food before burning.

We also talk about the convention fans, which distribute the temperature, which is another confirmation of temperature accuracy.

Pit Boss Austin XL 1000 sq.

Pit Boss Austin XL 1000 sq.


  • Four rolling casters:
  • Temperature range 150 – 500 F:
  • Over 1000 sq in porcelain coated cooking surface:
  • Innovative flame broiler for direct flame grilling:
  • Digitally control board with LED:
This post may have affiliate links and as an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

Public Reviews

The public has praised the grill’s best features: the large size of the cooking area, temperature controller, searing style, and the grill’s construction.

Customers also like the convention fan and dual probe, which inform you about the temperature of the food.