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Pit Boss Lockhart Platinum Series 20s: Grill Get the perfect Smokey flavor every time


Today we will talk about Pit Boss Lockhart Platinum, and also Discuss different features about unboxing and different FAQs which will help you in future, Let’s have a look.

Pit Boss Lockhart Platinum
Pit Boss Lockhart Platinum

Pit Boss Lockhart Platinum Specifications

Pit Boss Lockhart Platinum
BrandPit Boss
Assembled Product Weight275.58 lbs
ManufacturerDanson’s Inc.
FinishStainless Steel
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)Platinum
Color55.12 x 31.50 x 66.93 Inches

Pit Boss Lockhart Platinum Series Review Overview

In this grill, you get double door smoker cabinets in the upper section, places on top of the lid where you can smoke and slow cook, and you get double rocks and enough space for food.

In addition, you get more than 2000 square inches of primary cooking area, where you Get up to 500 degrees F, and you also get separate knobs for temperature control.

In it you get grill lights so you can cook at night and you get double meat probes to check the temperature of food and you get a drawer at the bottom where you can store accessories like cleaning tools or utensils.

You get a Hopper in which you can fill 40 lb pellets best grill for long time cooking and you get 8 in 1 cooking versatility in which you can bake, roast, grill, smoke etc.

You get side shelves, you can use 100% natural hardwood pellets for extra food preparation, you get access to hopper cleaning and You also get the pellet alert system in it to refill the pellet and its entire control board is digital.

  • Assembly is not difficult
  • The greatest feature is having the top box with smoking racks at a lower temperature than the bottom smoke/grill box.
  • 8 in 1 cooking feature
  • The attached smoker is game changing
  • App is better on android than iPhone
  • Need a big vehicle to transport it

Unboxing and grill assembly

Whenever you unbox the grill, make a recording on phone, like when you make a claim, you should have a video proof and you should check one by one part that there is no mark on the product.

Read the instructions of the grill carefully and assemble it because most large size grills come in parts so you can assemble it. Like attaching legs or lid etc.

How do I store the grill?_ Now, if you find a place in the backyard where you can move the grill, because this is an outdoor grill, you will have to find the positions in the patio to keep it secure.

How do I troubleshoot problems with the grill?_ You will get the manuals of the grill where you find each and every solution of the problem of grill and always you will get perfect answer from the manufacturer guide so use it for better and legit answers.

Build quality and design

The grill is constructed of high quality material and is long lasting using stainless steel. This grill is called by the name of Withstand because it has double doors on the upper part and the whole function has been given for slow cooking.

It has a digital control panel and many electronic components built-in and it is easy to clean and maintain.

In this you are also given a ceramic infrared sear burner on which you can put sear marks on the meat and add your desired texture flavor to the food.

It has a digital control that lets you set, control and monitor the temperature easily.

Cooking on the Lockhart

How do I start the grill?_ Before using the grill, you power up the grill and then fill the pellets in the hopper as the pellets burn and start providing heat and keep it on preheat for 10-15 minutes, then set the temperature with the digital devices and select your desired numbers. set it and start it.

You can monitor the heat by using the meat probes on the food while cooking so that you keep the food from spoiling and you can cook food at different styles because it is a combo grill so you can also smoke on the upper racks too.

The more you keep this grill clean and well-maintained, the better the results and performance of this grill will be, so clean its grates before and after cooking to get better results.

Controlling the grill with the app

You can download this grill’s app in your mobile and control it from any place like setting the temperature and monitoring.

You can access this grill’s app with the help of Wi-Fi and you are also given the facility to use Bluetooth if you do not want to use Wi-Fi due to low signals in outdoor.


What is the cooking area of the Pit Boss Lockhart Platinum Series Grill?

The exact cooking area of Pit Boss is 2,136 sq. inches.

How many burners does the Lockhart Platinum Series Grill have?

There is single burner but also multiple rack upper grill for smoking.

Can I use wood pellets or other types of wood for fuel on the Lockhart Platinum Series Grill?

Yes, You can use 100% Hardwood pellets for the fuel
These are the pellets, which you can use for the cooking also dry before using these:

Is the Lockhart Platinum Series Grill easy to clean?

Follow the Steps to clean the Grill:

After every 5-6 grilling session, the bottom of the grill should be cleaned with a spoon and the debris should be removed with a vacuum cleaner.
After every 2-3 grilling sessions, the fire pot should be cleaned with a spoon and the debris should be removed with a vacuum cleaner.
After each grilling session, the cooking Grids should be kept on pre-heat for 10 minutes and cleaned with a stainless steel sponge.
After every 5-6 grilling sessions, the flame broiler should be scrubbed and cleaned with soapy water.
After the pellet bag is empty, the auger feed system, which is allow to push sawdust and empty the hopper.
After one year, the Hopper Electric should be cleaned from the interior and the blade of the fan should be wiped with soapy water.
After every 5-6 grilling sessions, the air intake vent should be dusted, scrubbed and cleaned with soapy water.
After every 2-3 grilling sessions, the temperature probe should be cleaned with scrub and soapy water.

How long does it take to preheat the Lockhart Platinum Series Grill?

It takes 15-20 minutes for the Pre-Heat

Can I use the Lockhart Platinum Series Grill to smoke food?

Yes, You get Separate upper potion for only smoking the food & slow cooking.

Is the Lockhart Platinum Series Grill covered by a warranty?

Yes, It comes with limited 5 year Warranty.
During the Period of warranty Danson’s will replace the parts but after the end of warranty you will not entertain by danson’s.