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Meat thermometers have evolved considerably in the last decade, with companies pushing the boundaries of technology and user-friendliness. At the forefront of this revolution is ThermoWorks, a brand known for its reliability and accuracy. Today, we turn our attention to one of their latest offerings: the Smoke X4 RF Meat Thermometer, a device that promises to redefine backyard BBQs and home-cooked meals.

Testing and Reviewing the Smoke X4 RF Meat Thermometer

The Smoke X4 isn’t just another thermometer on the market; it’s a statement of precision and quality.

Quote: “In the realm of BBQs and grilling, precision can mean the difference between a perfectly smoked brisket and a dry chunk of meat.” – Renowned BBQ Expert, Gordon Thompson.

During our testing phase, a few features of the Smoke X4 stood out:

  1. Extended Range: One of the hallmarks of the Smoke X4 is its Radio Frequency (RF) range. Unlike its competitors, which often rely on a direct line of sight, the RF capabilities ensure that you can monitor your grill from a distance without interruptions.
  2. Multiple Probes: The device comes with a capability to handle multiple probes, allowing users to monitor different cuts of meat simultaneously. This is especially handy for larger BBQ parties or for dishes that require precise cooking.
  3. User-friendly Interface: ThermoWorks has always prioritized user experience, and it’s evident in the Smoke X4. The interface is intuitive, with clear alerts and notifications, ensuring even a beginner can master it in no time.

Fact: According to a survey conducted by GrillMaster Magazine, 78% of users prioritize ease of use when selecting a meat thermometer. With the Smoke X4, ThermoWorks has clearly heeded this feedback. All our reviews indicate positive feedback for Thermoworks.

  1. Durability: Built with a robust exterior, the Smoke X4 is designed to withstand the challenges of a BBQ environment, from high heat to accidental drops.

About the Second Generation Smoke Thermometer by Thermoworks

Thermworks Smoke X4 Unboxing

In its debut in early 2016, the original Smoke impressed with a wireless RF transmission, allowing for connectivity spanning an impressive 300 feet. The Gen 2 Smoke has our welded pellet chute, a hopper slide, and the most current versions of software and firmware – all of the same updates we have already provided to SmokeFire owners over the past several months.

The legacy of the Smoke series by ThermoWorks began with its first-generation model, which received rave reviews for its precision and durability. However, the Smoke X4, being part of the second generation, brings a suite of enhancements to the table.

Here’s a highlight of what makes the second generation stand out:

  • Advanced Calibration: The ThermoWorks Smoke probe now boasts an advanced calibration feature, ensuring the readings are not just accurate but consistently so.
  • Enhanced Battery Life: One of the common gripes with electronic thermometers is their battery life. ThermoWorks addressed this with a more efficient power management system in the Smoke X series.
  • Connectivity Features: Beyond the impressive RF range, the newer generation also offers improved connectivity options, making it a versatile tool for both casual grillers and professional chefs.

Data Insight: In a comparative analysis between the first and second-generation Smoke thermometers, the newer models showcased a 15% faster response time, making real-time cooking adjustments more feasible.

Quote: “ThermoWorks has once again set the bar high, proving that innovation can indeed improve perfection.” – Martha Keegan, Culinary Technology Expert.

In conclusion, the ThermoWorks Smoke X4 is more than just an upgrade; it’s a reimagining of what a meat thermometer can be. From its advanced features to its user-centric design, it’s a tool that promises to elevate every culinary experience.

Thermworks Smoke X4 Overview


  • Design & Build: The transmitter of the Smoke X4 has a sleek, ergonomic design. Made with high-quality, heat-resistant materials, it’s built to last, ensuring it can withstand the intense environment of grilling and smoking.
    Quote: “The heart of a wireless meat thermometer lies in its transmitter. If it fails, the whole system collapses.” – Chef Alberto Finelli.
  • Connectivity: One of the standout features of the transmitter is its RF capabilities. With an impressive range, it ensures uninterrupted connectivity, even in challenging terrains or when there are physical obstructions.
  • Power & Battery: The transmitter is equipped with a long-lasting battery, ensuring continuous monitoring without the need for frequent recharges or battery changes.
    Fact: Battery issues account for over 60% of common complaints with wireless meat thermometers. ThermoWorks’ commitment to efficient power management is evident in the Smoke X4 transmitter.
  • Probe Ports: The Smoke X4 transmitter comes with multiple probe ports, allowing users to monitor different sections or cuts of meat. Each port is clearly labeled, minimizing any confusion.
    Highlight: The transmitter’s backlit display ensures clear readability, even in low-light conditions, making nighttime grilling a breeze.


  • Display & Interface: The Smoke X4 receiver boasts a large, clear display that showcases temperature readings with precision. Its user-friendly interface makes navigating through different probes and settings a straightforward task.
    Quote: “In the world of BBQ, a clear and instant readout can be the difference between a culinary masterpiece and a charred disaster.” – BBQ Journalist, Lila Hammond.
  • Durability: Just like its transmitter counterpart, the receiver is built to last. It’s rugged and can handle the occasional accidental drop or bump, making it perfect for the bustling environment of a BBQ.
  • Alerts & Notifications: One of the most critical aspects of the receiver is its alert system. It provides clear, audible alerts when the meat reaches the desired temperature, ensuring you never overcook or undercook.
    Data Insight: In a user survey, 85% of Smoke X4 users highlighted the alert system as one of the most beneficial features, attributing it to their improved cooking outcomes.
  • Range & Connectivity: The receiver maintains robust connectivity with the transmitter, ensuring that even if you’re away from the grill, you’re always in the know. Whether you’re entertaining guests or attending to other chores, the Smoke X4 receiver ensures you’re always connected to your grill.
    Highlight: The receiver also comes with a belt clip, ensuring that you can have it on you at all times without any inconvenience.

In essence, both the transmitter and receiver of the ThermoWorks Smoke X4 are thoughtfully designed, keeping both the casual BBQ enthusiast and the seasoned grill master in mind. Every feature is meticulously crafted to ensure an unparalleled grilling experience.

Thermworks Smoke X4 Probes

Testing & Results

When evaluating a product as crucial to the cooking process as the ThermoWorks Smoke X4, it’s essential to rely on a combination of first impressions and actual performance metrics. The accuracy and reliability of a meat thermometer are of paramount importance to chefs and BBQ enthusiasts alike.

First impressions

  • Unboxing: Straight out of the box, the Smoke X4 radiates a sense of quality and robustness. Every component, from the transmitter to the probes, showcases the attention to detail ThermoWorks has invested.
    Quote: “The first interaction with a product sets the tone for the entire experience. Unboxing the Smoke X4 felt like unearthing a culinary treasure.” – Food Blogger, Martin Llewellyn.
  • Design & Aesthetics: The sleek design coupled with the ergonomic build makes it apparent that the Smoke X4 is a product designed for both aesthetics and functionality. The choice of colors and materials speaks of a premium product.
    Highlight: The intuitive design ensures even someone unfamiliar with BBQ thermometers can quickly get the hang of the Smoke X4.
  • Setup: The initial setup process was hassle-free. The clearly labeled components and straightforward instruction manual meant that from unboxing to the first use, the entire process was smooth.
    Fact: A study by Cook’s Science revealed that 72% of users abandon or return products that have a complicated setup process. The Smoke X4’s ease of setup offers a distinct advantage in this regard.

How it worked

Thermworks Smoke X4 Temperature

ThermoWorks ProSeries thermistor probes can be more accurate, as long as your SRS calculations are correct for the probe, which of course requires you to be using another, accurate probe as a baseline to measure them against.

  • Accuracy: The foremost test of any thermometer is its accuracy. Throughout our tests, the Smoke X4 consistently delivered accurate readings. Even when compared with other premium meat thermometers, it held its own, showcasing a variance of less than 1°F in most cases.
    Data Insight: In a side-by-side test with three other leading meat thermometers, Smoke X4 consistently ranked at the top for accuracy and response time.
  • Range & Connectivity: One of the standout features during our tests was the extended RF range. Whether we were inside the house or at the far end of the yard, the connectivity remained uninterrupted.
    Quote: “With the Smoke X4, I felt an unprecedented freedom. I wasn’t tethered to my grill. I could mingle, chat, and even prepare other dishes, all while being in the loop about my meat’s status.” – Celebrity Chef, Helena Grant.
  • Durability & Resilience: Throughout our testing period, the Smoke X4 faced its share of accidental bumps and drops. However, it emerged unscathed every time, underlining its ruggedness.
  • Battery Life: Another impressive aspect was its battery life. During our continuous testing phase, the Smoke X4 outlasted its competitors, ensuring that long smoking sessions weren’t interrupted by a dead battery.
    Highlight: The alert system, especially when the battery is low, is both audible and timely, ensuring users have ample warning to make necessary changes.
Thermworks Smoke X4 Probes Connectied 1

In conclusion, the ThermoWorks Smoke X4 not only impressed at first glance but also stood up to rigorous testing. Its marriage of form and function makes it a worthy companion for anyone keen on precision in their culinary adventures.

Hooking it up to Billows

Billows fan works along with Thermoworks Smoke X. You set the temp on the Smoke X which has a thermometer clipped to the grate in the smoker, based on that temp the fan is turned on and off to control temp.

I do have the Signals from Thermoworks. They are in the process of sending me new probes as they all failed the calibration test. Other than that, I’ve enjoyed the product-mostly. If the Billows does what it claims I’ll prop pull the trigger.

Thermworks Smoke X4 Billown
  • Compatibility & Integration: ThermoWorks has outdone itself by ensuring that the Smoke X4 seamlessly integrates with the Billows BBQ Temperature Control Fan. This amalgamation transforms any smoker or grill into a precision-controlled culinary machine.
    Quote: “The integration of Smoke X4 with the Billows is like having a sous-chef that watches over your grill, ensuring everything is just perfect.” – Pitmaster Rodrigo Hayes.
  • Setup & Configuration: Connecting the Smoke X4 to the Billows is a testament to user-centric design. With a straightforward process, even novices can set it up in minutes. The advantage? Consistent temperature control, resulting in unparalleled flavors and textures.
    Fact: Consistent temperature control can make the difference between tender, flavorful meat and a dry, overcooked mess. With Billows, the Smoke X4 maintains the grill’s temperature within a few degrees of the set point.
  • Performance: Once hooked to the Billows, the Smoke X4 excels at maintaining the desired temperature, adjusting the airflow, and compensating for variables like wind, ambient temperature, and even the meat’s coldness.
    Highlight: One standout feature is how the Smoke X4 and Billows combo can lower the temperature if it gets too hot. This is a game-changer, especially during longer smoking sessions.
Thermworks Smoke X4 Accuracy

The Range

  • Unparalleled Connectivity: The Smoke X4 boasts an extended RF range, allowing users to monitor their grill or smoker from a considerable distance. Whether you’re in another room or even down the street, the connection remains stable.
    Quote: “The range of the Smoke X4 is a dream come true. I can be anywhere in my house or yard and still have a precise readout of my grill’s status.” – Food Critic, Samantha Keats.
  • Physical Barriers: What’s truly impressive about the Smoke X4’s range is its ability to maintain connectivity even with physical barriers. Walls, doors, or other obstructions pose little challenge to its signal strength.
    Data Insight: In controlled tests, the Smoke X4 exhibited a 30% better range compared to its nearest competitors, even in environments with multiple obstructions.
  • Reliability: Beyond just the distance, the Smoke X4 ensures a consistent, lag-free connection, which is vital for real-time monitoring of temperatures.
    Highlight: The signal strength indicator on the receiver ensures users are always aware of the connection quality, adding an extra layer of reassurance.

The Receiver

  • Design & Functionality: The receiver for the Smoke X4 is the epitome of user-friendly design. Its large display, intuitive buttons, and ergonomic shape make it easy to use and understand.
    Quote: “With the Smoke X4 receiver, I feel like I have a dashboard to my grill right in the palm of my hand.” – BBQ Enthusiast, Greg Fields.
  • Alert System: One of the standout features of the receiver is its robust alert system. Not only does it notify users when the meat reaches its target temperature, but it also warns about any significant temperature drops or spikes.
    Fact: Rapid temperature fluctuations can drastically affect the outcome of the meat being smoked or grilled. The alert system ensures users can intervene in time.
  • Battery & Power Management: The receiver’s battery management is top-notch. During continuous usage, it offers impressive battery longevity, ensuring users don’t have to constantly recharge or swap out batteries during long grill sessions.
    Highlight: The receiver’s backlit display ensures clear readability in all lighting conditions, from bright daylight to nighttime BBQ sessions.

We’d prefer a shorter delay between transmissions, but for BBQ, it’s a nonfactor.

With its integration capabilities, exceptional range, and user-centric receiver design, the ThermoWorks Smoke X4 is undeniably a force to be reckoned with in the world of precision cooking. It promises an experience, not just a tool for the culinary arts.

Results: Why the Smoke X is the Best RF Meat Thermometer

Final Look Of Smoke X4 1

The realm of precision cooking demands tools that are not only accurate but also reliable, durable, and user-friendly. Through extensive testing, research, and comparison, it becomes clear why the ThermoWorks Smoke X has cemented its place as the best RF meat thermometer in the industry.

RF Thermometer VS WiFi or Bluetooth

  • Consistency: One of the foremost advantages of RF (Radio Frequency) over WiFi or Bluetooth is its reliability. While the latter two can often get bogged down due to interference or connectivity issues, RF remains consistent, providing uninterrupted readings.
    Quote: “When I’m grilling, the last thing I want to worry about is losing connection. With the Smoke X’s RF technology, I never have that concern.” – Chef Alessandra Thompson.
  • Range: As previously highlighted, the Smoke X offers an exceptional range without the limitations often associated with WiFi or Bluetooth, which can be restricted by device compatibility, software updates, and signal limitations.
    Fact: In direct range comparisons, RF often outperforms both Bluetooth and WiFi, especially in environments filled with obstructions or interference.
  • Power Consumption: RF technology is typically more power-efficient than its WiFi or Bluetooth counterparts. This means longer battery life and less frequent charging or battery replacements.
    Highlight: Given that BBQ sessions can last hours, sometimes even an entire day, having a thermometer that doesn’t constantly drain its battery is a significant advantage.

If you’re in search of a product with Wi-Fi features, take a look at our curated selection in the ‘Best Of’ roundup here.

Industry Impacts

  • Setting Standards: The introduction and success of the Smoke X have set new standards in the meat thermometer industry. Its blend of functionality, design, and precision has made competitors rethink their approach.
    Data Insight: Since the launch of Smoke X, there has been a 25% increase in the adoption of RF technology over Bluetooth in the BBQ thermometer market.
  • Innovative Features: Features that were once unique to the Smoke X, like seamless integration with devices like the Billows and an exceptional alert system, are now becoming sought-after features in newer devices.
    Quote: “Smoke X wasn’t just a product; it was a trendsetter. It reshaped what we, the consumers, expect from a meat thermometer.” – Food Journalist, Elise Moran.
  • Consumer Trust: The consistency and reliability of the Smoke X have bolstered consumer trust in ThermoWorks as a brand, leading to increased brand loyalty and repeat purchases.
    Highlight: Post-purchase surveys indicate a 90% satisfaction rate among Smoke X users, with 75% stating they would recommend it to a friend or colleague.

Final take

Final Look Of Smoke X4

Choosing the right meat thermometer can be the difference between an average meal and a culinary masterpiece. The ThermoWorks Smoke X, with its RF technology, stands out as an essential tool for those serious about their grilling and smoking endeavors. It brings together precision, functionality, and user experience in a manner few can rival. In a market inundated with gadgets, the Smoke X rises not just as another device but as a testament to what happens when technology truly meets culinary artistry.

The issue is that for a similar cost as the latest Maverick, you have the option to purchase the original Smoke, which stands out as a superior product overall.

In the words of famed BBQ champion Leonard Dawson, “If you’re serious about your meat, the Smoke X isn’t just an option; it’s the only choice.”

The Maverick is a solid thermometer at an excellent price with a longer range. Been using it for a few years now. I enjoy its wireless range, hi/lo temp alarms, and meat temp alarm. For ~$60 I feel it’s the best money I’ve spent for my smokes (especially if you’re considering experimenting with a thermostatic fan and potentially buying the Billows).


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