What are the top rated natural gas grills in 20s?


Today we will talk about some grills whose features match the standard Natural gas grills.

Best Picks

Weber – Spirit E-310

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Napoleon – Rogue SE 525

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Weber – Genesis E-435

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Dyna-Glo DGP321SNN-D Premier

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natural gas grills
natural gas grills

Weber – Spirit E-310

What we liked

In this grill, you get 30,000 burners with 3 burners and the construction of stainless steel burners.

Its cooking grates are coated with porcelain enameled cast iron, which protects your food from spoilage and is therefore easy to clean.

It has an electronic ignition which is fast and does not require matches to start.

There are also side tables where you can do extra work.

What we didn’t like

It is difficult to assemble the grill because some parts are hard to fit.

Some people say that its burners have problems when they are used more. Some of these tears are roasted on the grill.

Some said that its customer support does not give good response.


Dimensions: 48″H x 50″W x 27″D inches

Cooking area: 424 sq in

BTUs: 30,000

Burners: 3

Ignition System: Electronic Ignition

Materials: Porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grates, stainless steel burners, and lid

Fuel type: Natural Gas

Features: Two fold-down side tables, built-in thermometer, 6 tool hooks

Warranty: 10-year warranty on burners, 5-year warranty on the rest of the grill

Napoleon – Rogue SE 525

What we liked

This grill comes with 5 burners with 65 BTUs and infrared rear burners are also attached which are ideal for rotisserie.

The shape of this grill is similar to the waves and also created by Sear Marks. And a led light is also attached to it to see at night.

There is also an ice bucket where you can store bottles or meat.

What we didn’t like

The price of this grill is a bit high because it is included in the list of high models.

Assembling this grill is a bit difficult and sometimes the performance of the burners of this grill is down in the different areas.

It also gets rusty due to which the performance is affected and the customer response is also not good.


Dimensions: 48.5″H x 59″W x 26″D inches

Cooking area: 830 sq in

BTUs: 65,000

Burners: 5

Ignition system: Electronic ignition

Materials: Stainless steel construction, porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grids

Fuel type: Natural gas

Features: Infrared rear burner, patented WAVE™ cooking grids, LED lights, integrated ice bucket, built-in thermometer, stainless steel side shelves, stainless steel doors

Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty

Weber – Genesis E-435

What we liked

This grill has 4 burners with 48K BTUs and the burners are made of stainless steel.

In this grill, you get a sear station that creates the sears on meat and the grates of this grill are made of porcelain enameled cast iron, which does not spoil food and is easy to maintain.

There are also side burners for extra cooking.

What we didn’t like

The price of this grill is a little expensive and it is also difficult to assemble.

This grill performance is sometimes affected and rust also occurs.


Dimensions: 57″H x 65″W x 29″D inches

Cooking area: 669 sq in

BTUs: 48,000

Burners: 4

Ignition system: Electronic ignition

Materials: Porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grates, stainless steel burners, and lid

Fuel type: 48,000

Features: Side burner, built-in thermometer, 6 tool hooks

Warranty: 10-year warranty on burners, 5-year warranty on the rest of the grill

Dyna-Glo DGP321SNN-D Premier

What we liked

In this you get 2 burners which have 30k BTUs and coated porcelain grates which prevent food from burning and are not sticky and clean quickly.

There are side burners for extra cooking.

What we didn’t like

This grill is also expansive and is a bit difficult to assemble and sometimes affects performance.

Their customer service is very responsive and the grill is rusted.


Dimensions: 45.3″H x 50″W x 23″D inches

Cooking area: 429 sq in

BTUs: 30,000

Burners: 2

Ignition system: Electronic ignition

Materials: Porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grates, stainless steel burners and lid

Fuel type: 57″H x 48″W x 26″D inches

Features: Side burner, built-in thermometer, 2 tool hooks

Warranty: 1-year limited warranty

What to Look for in a Natural Gas Grill

We will discuss some of the features required to be in grills, and seeing this, you will be able to find and choose your grills, and there will be clarity.

Size: You should buy the grill considering the space available in your house. Do you have enough space to keep the grill? The size of your grill is perfect for your family, or if it is small or extra large, then it will be your choice which grill you should get.

Heat output: You should check the amount of BTUs in the grill so that your food is perfectly cooked and does not get overcooked or spoiled, and the more BTUs, the faster the cooking.

Cooking surface: The area of the grill should be so large that your food is cooked well, and there should be enough space to grill as wide varieties of food as you have a family. The more extra racks you have, the more cooking you can do with different methods.

Fuel efficiency: You should know that more quality natural gas is more efficient because you don’t need any cylinder for that; you get gas pipes to use.

Construction: The built-in quality should be long-lasting so that it does not get damaged quickly, does not get rusted, or the grill does not get damaged due to tough weather.

Features: Grills also come with extras for cooking, such as rotisserie kits, side burners, thermometers, or even meat probes.

Warranty: Whenever you buy a product, always check its warranty Because it is a protection for the product; if there is a problem, in any case, it will be recovered immediately.

Number of burners

Having multiple burners in grills is important because it allows you to cook more variety of food.

On multiple burners, you can cook foods at different temperatures, some on low heat, some on high, and some on medium.

As you can sear, boil, or cook anything on multiple burners, if you are cooking more for people, you can cook more by using more burners. Then low burners can’t cook for you.

Hose length

The hose length for your grill matters a lot because if it is small, it will be limited. You will often find tanks or cylinders in short lengths that have to be kept close to your grill, which can be dangerous.

If your appetite is large in length, it is difficult to manage; its space may also be an issue, and where to keep it, it is also difficult to carry it.

You have to take such a perfect size that it is easy to give space, and we can get gas more time and keep it to keep ourselves safe.

Special features

There are quite a few different features you can find in grills, and it all depends on the model and will define the features that are available in grills:

Side burners : Side burners allow you to do extra cooking and have options to cook multiple foods.

Rotisserie Kits : With these, you can spit roast birds, which also come attached to your grills as an extra accessory.

Built-in thermometers : Through these meters, you can find out the temperature of your food, and this thermometer is placed on top of your grill from where you monitor the temperature.

Grill Lights : Some grills have lights with the help of which you can easily cook at night, and you can see your grill.

Grill Covers : After cooking, it is important to cover your grill because it protects it from the elements and weather that try to damage it.

Grill Carts : Nowadays, there are carts on grills, and cabinets are attached to them so that you can store anything and move it from one place to another when you want.

Grill Storage : You also get extra cabinets attached to store your things like a cylinder or cleaning accessories.

Grill Cleaning Tools : Along with grills, you also get tools you can use to clean your grill, like stainless steel brushes.

Natural Gas Pros & Cons

So today, we will discuss the pros and cons of natural gas by looking at which things we should be careful about and which are useful.

Pros of using Natural Gas for Grilling

Convenience: In this gas grill, you will not have to worry about using disposable tanks, but you have to refill the tanks with just fuel.

Fuel efficiency: You can cook for a long time because your fuel lasts for a longer time because this fuel is better than propane.

Cost: Natural gas is cheaper than propane and allows you to cook longer.

Environmentally friendly: This fuel does not harm your environment because it is an environmentally friendly gas.

Cons of using Natural Gas for Grilling

Installation: You must install a permanent gas line connection for this grill. The disposable tank is more expensive and only consumes a little time.

Limited portability: Being a permanent gas line, we cannot use it for portability, so we cannot use it in an outdoor capacity.

Limited availability: You don’t get a gas connection in some areas because there is no permission.