Traeger Grills Tailgater 20 Portable Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker


Today we will talk about Traeger Grills Tailgater 20, which is portable grill and suitable for campers.

Traeger Grills Tailgater 20
Traeger Grills Tailgater 20

Traeger Grills Tailgater 20 Specifications

Main Cooking Area: 37 x 18 x 36 inches

Frame Material: Porcelain-Coated Grill Grates

Weight: 62 pounds


The cooking area of the tailgater is vast, 300 sq. inches, in which many types of food can be cooked, and its temperature goes up to 450 F, and its fuel is wood pellets.

It has a meat probe and digital control for temperature, and its grates are coated in durable and high-quality porcelain.

We will do a detailed study of these features one by one so that you get a little knowledge.

Setting Up The Traeger Tailgater 20

You can place this grill on any flat place if you don’t want to attach legs to it; otherwise, you get legs with this grill that you can fold.

After folding the legs, you fix the Hopper and the digital controller.

Before starting the grill, you must fill the wood pellets in the Hopper and then plug the grill into any battery or power source because the grill needs 100+ volts to turn on.

After that, you have to turn on the digital devices button.

Allow the wood to burn for 10 to 15 minutes until heat is created and flames begin to distribute over the surface.

Then now, you set your desired temperature, and up to 450, you can select any number.

You can put the food on the grates and close the lid for fast cooking.

After the food is cooked, you can remove your food from the grates, turn it off, and keep it cool so that it is easy to clean and then cover it.

Traeger Tailgater Temperature Control

In the grill, you have temperature control devices attached to the grill; first, you give power to the grill, and then you press the button with the devices as soon as the grill starts.

Then you wait for 10-15 minutes on low numbers. Set the temperature range as you want, and the temperature is set by pressing + and – for these degrees. Then, confirm the temperature with the final set button.

After that, the grill starts and automatically keeps feeding the pellets and gives the food’s temperature. Hence, the temperature is high and low once we lower or increase the temperature ourselves.

You still have to use the meat probe carefully as you keep track of the internal heat of the food and keep the food from overcooking and spoiling.

Quality & Construction

The construction of Traeger 20 is coated with porcelain, and good quality material is used, which is very durable and long-lasting. The body of this grill is made of steel which is called stainless, as it is porcelain coated only on its grates.

In the Hopper of this grill, we have 3.60 kg pellets that can be used because it has a capacity of 8 pounds, and the material of the Hopper is plastic.

This grill is for outdoor use like camping, beach, parties, etc. Its weight is 60 lbs which should be of an ordinary grill for ease of portability. It is effortless to place and store on the corner of any car.

Grilling Space

The grill’s cooking area is so large that you can cook 10-15 burgers, whole 2 birds, and meats of different types. The material grill is porcelain coated, and its size is 16. 5 x 18. 5 is suitable for a mid-level where 10-15 people can enjoy it comfortably.

Safety & Efficiency

Some rules and terms of this grill must be followed to avoid any damage.

As you know, a fire starts from the bottom of this grill, so you should never put any wooden deck under your grill because it will also catch fire.

You should always keep the grill away from your cars because they can get into your vehicle when the flames fly. Always use gloves for safety, so you don’t get any hot drops or the rod on your hands.

You should never wear such long shirts and go after grills, you may catch flames, and oil should never be poured so far from the grill because it may cause flare-ups.

After cooking, turn off the grill, do not turn it on, and do not move it during cooking; you may get hot flashes.

Regarding efficiency, the grill gets you an automatic pellet feed option; you get the digital controller to handle the temperature. You are also given a meat probe to trace the food’s internal heat and give you a fire. Don’t worry about overcooking and undercooking.

Cooking Options

This grill gives you some options of what food you can cook with different temperature ranges:

Grilling: You can cook various types of food on this grill. You have been given a temperature of 450 degrees, so you can cook meat and vegetables on it and set your desired degree.

Smoking: You can also smoke on this grill as you can cook tasty foods like ribs and brisket at 225 degrees because you need low temperatures.

Baking: Pizza, bread, and dessert can also be made at low temperatures because these items are cellular cook, so you can set their temperature so low.

Special Features

It is necessary to have excellent and different features in the grill, and the same grill becomes ideal.

Digital Controller: The best feature is that it allows you to set your temperature through a digital device not provided in charcoal. You can easily read the numbers from the controller.

Meat probe: the probe is suitable because we don’t have to open the lid repeatedly and check the meat by applying cuts with a knife and whether the food is ready.

Folding Legs: We get a lot of benefits from folding legs to make a grill place, which we have to cook food while standing, and it is also easy.

Built-in handle: To carry the grill, we get a good quality handle on the top of the grill.

Compact size: The transport of the grill becomes very easy because the scope of this grill is 38″ x 23″ x 20″, and its weight is 60 pounds, so it is also straightforward to store it.


This grill looks modern and professional, which is why it is made for outdoor, and. This grill has many colors, like black, bronze, and green. You can select the color according to your personality.

EZ Fold Legs

Before folding the grill legs, you have to wait for the grill to cool.

And you have to follow the instructions to fold it and then store and transport it.

Pricing & Warranty

The price of the grill depends on the retailers, but this time the cost of the grill is 599. You can get the bit for $99 at a discount.

You get a 3-year warranty on this grill. You should always read the contract on what items your security can help you with, and then you can contact consumer services.


Who Is The Tailgater Well-Suited For?

This grill is suitable for those who wants to arrange big events and campsites with multiple teams and which have access to use automatic systems in grills for fast cooking.
peoples who love smoking, grill and bake the different foods on single grill.

Is A Traeger Tailgater Worth Buying?

If you arrange big parties for entertainment then this grill will great for number of peoples.
Peoples who don’t know to maintain the heat of charcoal then this grill fuel is pellet whith digital control so you can set desired temperature.
This grill price is mid range with large product so this is budget friendly for you.

How do I start the Traeger Tailgater?

fill the hopper with pellets and plug with power and turn on also set the temperature.