Weber 1200 and 2200 What is the difference between?


So today, we will see the difference between the two Weber grills, what are the differences and similar things that our grills are named Weber Q1200 and 2200.

There are some similarities and differences between them and some features, and you have to decide which grill will be the best for you.

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Weber Q1200

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Weber Q2200

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Weber 1200 and 2200
Weber 1200 and 2200

Similar Features:

The shape of these two grills will look like a football to you, the material inside their lid is aluminium, and as we lift the cover-up, we get 2 folding tables on which we can put anything that can be used for something extra.

A 1-pound portable propane tank can be attached to them, and an adapter can also be attached to a propane cylinder that can be 5 or 20 pounds. The same method of starting is to raise the gas and then press the ignition button to turn it on.

These grills are very easy to use, and you can cook any type of food in them, whether you like to make burgers or grill lobster; even if you can cook a whole chicken, it is so powerful.

It is also effortless to clean them and the same way to clean both; you just have to remove the grates and then clean them correctly; you can also remove the drip pan and clean it.

Now we will discuss how many things we have seen are the same, but what are the different items.

Weber Q1200

Weber Q1200

Dimensions: 48.7 x 26.7 x 54.4 inches

Weight: 30 lbs

Portable Option:

Due to its small size, it is straightforward to carry and can be adjusted anywhere in the car because the shelves are folded in these grills.

If you are 2 or 4 people going camping or any outing, these grills can be perfect for you.

Cooking Area:

The cooking area of this grill is 189 sq. inches, which is best for 2 to 4 people; you can comfortably cook 4 or 5 burgers on this grill in a short time, So you have the best option to buy at such a low price.

Simply put, it will be the best grill for small families and teams. Regarding its material, cooking grates are made of porcelain-enamelled steel, stainless steel, and cast iron.

It sears the food well, its cooking grates are durable and easy to clean, and its stainless steel rods provide the best searing marks and hold the heat for a long time.

Power and Control:

You get 8500 BTUs in this grill, and it is a single burner; due to fewer burners, this grill heats up fast so that you can cook quickly, which gives you an outstanding performance.

Accessories and Additions:

It also provides a greased pan to manage the grease, which is removable and makes cleaning your grill easy. If there is any mess, you can clean it and drain the oil on the overflow.

Weber Q2200

Weber Q2200

Dimensions: 53 x 27 x 47 inches

Weight: 42 lbs

Portable Option:

Its weight is 42, which we can call an ordinary grill, which is relatively easy to carry; it fits comfortably in any corner of your car and is so light.

Cooking Area:

The cooking area of this grill is 280 sq. inches, which means you can comfortably cook 12 burgers on it. Enameled cast iron cooking grates are provided, distributing the heat to the entire surface.

If you are 6 or 7 people going to a party, event or concert and want a giant grill that can cook any type of food for you, then this grill will be the best for you and give you a good performance.

Power and Control:

The total number of BTUs of this grill is 12,000, which is more than our Q12oo, but due to its higher number of BTUs, it takes a little longer to heat up it Mean grill takes a little time to heat up.

Its performance becomes even more because it is more BTUs, and it also becomes a more powerful grill.

Accessories and Additions:

In this grill, you also get a catch pan called a grease tray which plays a perfect role in collecting grease, so you get it with the grill, and when it is complete, you can exchange it.

Factors to Consider

Before buying any grill, it is vital to have information and knowledge about these things because after looking at them, we can understand which is crucial and which item must be included in our grill.

So now we read and see about these few factors, which are some essential factors; if 2 or 3 are available in your grill, then that grill is best.


The product should be so light or heavy that it is easy to carry without causing problems with its space.

It should be so easy to carry that even a person can have it without needing any holder or person help.


If we talk about cooking at home, we can keep and use the big grill because it does not need to be moved much, and when we speak about the cooking area, we spend more time at home. They also cook and wait for the following food preparation.

But if we take the same grill somewhere for a picnic or camping trip, it is best to select a standard or small grill because if we want to place it anywhere, its size will give us so much freedom. If we can move the grill, it is crucial to have enough cooking area so that 4-5 people can get food ready simultaneously and not wait too long.


Most people focus on features because they need fast cooking; if we don’t want to use charcoal, a propane tank is very important in the grill.

We don’t have to worry about the igniter or matches because we get such a system attached to our grill that we get the igniter only automatically attached as we press the button and the temperature in the grill turns on.


So when we buy a grill, its budget must match our affordability. There is not much cost difference between these two grills, so now you will choose which one you would like to select; now you know why. What is the difference between them?


Have you seen how we discussed the best grills in front of you? Now you will have both grills, and you will have reasons for which grill you want to buy; you can match their size and see their size.

What are the differences between them, and what are the same? Most of the time, you will find its features similar and see the difference from the minor.