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Today we will discuss the Weber Jumbo Joe, what are the things in it that we should buy this grill, then we will talk about its features and all its specifications.

And we will give all the information by looking at which we can buy our grill and get knowledge.

Weber Jumbo Joe
Weber Jumbo Joe

Dimensions: 19.7″H x 19.7″W x 20.5″D inches

Cooking Area: 240 square inches

Cooking Grate Type: Plated steel cooking grate

Fuel type: Charcoal

Rust-resistant aluminum dampers: 2

Glass-reinforced nylon handles: 1

Diameter (inches): 18

Factors to Consider

Weber build quality & Design

We start with his lid, which has a carrier lock, which we can use during transport, and from above, we can also do a lock.

It has a built-in porcelain enamel steel built in that will never become peel or flaky and does not get so hot that it is difficult to carry the handle.

The materials of Weber products last long due to their excellent quality.

Cooking Space

The cooking space of this grill is 240 sq. inches, and its size is 18 inches; you can get the size of this grill in less or more.

Assembly + Unboxing

When we open its box, we get the assembly guide, following which we can assemble the grill. It is explained by drawing the picture to understand it better.

Hubcap Ash Catcher

Things that come with assembly are the lid separately, the hubcap of aluminium which catches the ash, 3 legs and a handle that is also given independently; the handle is used for the cover held. There is also air control, and a cooking surface, which we can call Grates, is also given, and in Lastly you also get a lid flip lock carrier handle. Grill Owner’s Guide Vent also gets these little things with the grill.

Now in the assembly, we attach the handle to the lid, flip the lock and attach it on top, fix the air control hardware, and keep it tight; our lid assembly will be complete.

Now we will assemble the kettle; we will first fix the 3-hole vent on the top by applying nuts and not overtighten it so it can easily spin. Then we have to attach our lock carrier to this kettle.

Now you have to lock your three legs with nuts, you don’t have to overtighten, and keep the hubcap on top of it because you must keep clearing it.

Now, first of all, we will attach the kettle with the legs, which are Holes in the kettle; in this, we will fix the legs with nuts, and on it, we will place the grates and charcoal grills, on a grill we will put the charcoal and, on the grates we will cook the food.


This grill is very lightweight and does not take up much space; you can put it in a box, and when you want to cook, you can assemble it in 10-20 minutes. Keeping it separated into pieces makes it easier for you to carry the grill.

And it is so lightweight that you can easily carry it, you don’t even need many people, it is so light.

Cooking Test & Heat Retention

It develops heat quickly. We keep 2 big pieces of beef for grilling and see how long it takes to cook, so first, we will heat charcoal with the help of a chimney. The porcelain built-in is kept hot and then put on the grills, put the pieces of beef, and give it a lid so that the food starts to cook quickly; after 25 minutes, our beef is grilled well and becomes perfect for eating.

Bonus Features

lock lowers

As a bonus, you get lid lock lowers that hold your lid and give you a hand free; you don’t have to keep the top, and it also protects your grill from the wind.

How to Clean Weber Jumbo Joe

So, first of all, you need some things like gloves, cloth, sponge, scouring pad, mild glass cleaner and soapy water.

Clean the lid by soaking a sponge in your soapy water, spray with your mild glass cleaner, and wipe with a cloth.

Grease & Moisture

You will see some pieces inside the lid and think that this paint is peeled. Still, it is grease and moisture from your food, and it looks like dry paint, so first use a stainless-steel brush to clean the oil. Apply soapy water to a sponge and clean it.

We will clean the grates with a brush and wash it with soapy water; now, we will separate the kettle from all the things, clean it with a stainless-steel brush, clean it with soapy water, and dry it with a cloth at the end.


So today, we’ve given you all the information about the Weber Jumbo Joe, what you get with this grill, how to assemble it & some extras like How to clean the grills? this grill is best for portability.