Weber Spirit vs Genesis: Which Weber model is best?


Weber Spirit vs. Genesis – What’s the Big Difference? Today we will discuss the two different series of Weber Spirit VS Genesis and see the similarities and differences and let me tell you that the fuel source in the series will be natural gas.

Both grills are designed for outdoor use and both grills are constructed of hard plastic, stainless steel with painted bottoms.

3 years ago the company changed the internal component and now they call it GS4, GS4 was the only other addition to their series which was Genesis 2 and Spirit 2. Other versions were not released. In regular grills there are 4 regular Spirit models and the Spirit Smart Grill, both versions have igrill capability available. 10 years warranty, cast aluminum cookbox attached.

In GS4 There are 4 components of which the first one is the infinity ignition, burners, flavorizer brushes and grease management system available, these 4 components work together.

So the grills we are going to compare today will explain the two models of the Spirit 2 and also explain some models of the Genesis regular and the second version and also explain a little bit about the alternatives as you have more models to buy grills.

Key differences between Spirit and Genesis grills

Weber Spirits have 2 or 3 burners and have folding side shelves.

The Weber Genesis grill has 3 or 4 burners and has a large grilling surface.

Weber Genesis provides you with 48kBtus of power.

The Weber Spirit provides you with 26500 and 38K BTUs of power

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Weber Spirit vs Genesis
Weber Spirit vs Genesis

Weber Spirit Overview

In this grill you get different colors, it also includes igrill 3 and it is Spirit 2 grill with 4 grilling system features.

It also gives you the option to connect and you can also check the internal heat of the meat with the help of Probe, you just need to download the Weber tool from your free Google Play Store and connect your devices. You can connect and use it.

When your food is ready, you receive an alert that advises you to remove the food and also warns you that the food is ready.

The built-in cooking grates are made of porcelain enameled cast iron, which retent heat from the food and also gives good sear marks on the food. It is also easy to clean their grates with a stainless steel brush.

This grill also gives you space in which you can keep some utensils or accessories like you can keep the gas tank and it gives you access so you can see how much fuel you have left.

Weber Spirit II E-210 2-Burner Liquid Propane Grill

This grill has 2 burners with a total of 26500 BTUs, the knobs are separate for easy handling, you also get the grates which are built-in in porcelain enameled case and the 3 burners are available. You can also remove it for cleaning, so let me tell you that this is for your drippings that fall from the food during grilling, then those drippings fall on this grate and protect your burner.

This burner is constructed of stainless steel which is of good quality and can not be damaged quickly and is long lasting for years. You can light the fire quickly with the help of the knob, you don’t need any igniter or charcoal and you also get a grease pan that collects grease or oil and is removable for easy cleaning. It is done and you can also exchange it because it is made of foil.

In this you can attach 20 lb tanks of propane, you have also been given the feature of a igrill in it, a thermometer is attached to the lid to see how much the temperature is and along with it, the feature of GS4 is also attached.

You can also call the folding side tables as shelves and in this you have also been given the option of hook, you can also hang your utensils.

Weber Spirit II E-310 3-Burner Natural Gas Grill

This is a 3 burner grill which gives you a total of 30k BTUs, the knobs are separate and the igniter is also attached which means you don’t need any igniter or matches or charcoal.

In this you get built-in free porcelain enamel and the flavorizer bars are also included which are used to protect your burners because the drippings that fall from the food fall on these brushes. In it you have a grease management system.

In it you get folding side burners, you get hooks in the shelves that you can hang anything in, and you get warming rocks, and you get an easy access propane tank.

You also get the features of GS4 in it and the feature of Igrill is also given.

Both the 210 and 310 have mostly similar functions with only some size differences.

Weber Genesis Overview

In the new models of Genesis, you get updated features, like the styling, it has also been changed, its stove and deeper hood and you have got all kinds of accessories of rotisserie.

The shelves of this grill are widened from the side with metal end caps and there is a tool hook on the side where the utensils are hang and the handle is also attached, which also has a switch at the end and you can use it on the surface. Along with pizza stone option is also given in which you can also keep pot.

There are also lights attached to both sides of the lid which you can use to see the surface and you also get a side burner where you do minor cooking but this option is in the particular grills and the end of the cabinet. It also has a storage area that you can open and store things like utensils and racks.

You get an external fuel gauge where you can see the remaining quantity of propane and there are cabinet doors on the side where you get more space and racks where you can store things like your propane cylinder.

It also comes with a folding rack that folds out for extra space, in which you can also store food for slow cooking as it runs with the surface grill.

Weber Genesis EX-325S Natural Gas Smart Grill

In this, you are provided with 3 burners which have a total of 39k BTUs and the burners are quite powerful.

You can install a 20 lb propane cylinder and you can also keep it in the storage of the grill and let us tell you that this main tank is not included.

You are also given a side burner in which you can cook minor dishes such as sauces, not too heavy food.

In this you also get to see Weber Connect technology which is present in all models of Genesis, the knobs of this grill also give lighting and you get grill in multiple colors.

We can say that it mostly includes the features of Genesis E-335.

Weber Genesis E-335 Gas Grill, Natural Gas

In this you get 3 burners and 1 side burner and side table in its large size is also given and you are also given extra locker storage in it.

It has expandable raps on the grates which you can call racks and the fuel gauge is given which lets you know about the fuel.

It gives you so much surface space that you can cook 20+ burgers and you get 39k total BTUs and its 4 burner grill gives you 48k total BTUs and you get a 20 lb propane tank Capacity is given so you can attach it.

In this, you have been provided with an extra sear zone and smart grilling technology has also been made available.

Weber Genesis E-435 Natural Gas Grill, Black

In this grill, you get 3 and 4 burners grills which have different BTUs 39k and 49k and both of them only have a difference in sizes, otherwise all the technologies are same.

You also get a side burner for cooking and you also get side shelves for food preparation and you get enough space to move food around and in the side burner you get 12 burners.

You can also see expandable racks and a grill locker is also available for extra storage.

Alternative Grill of Weber

Weber Summit S-470 4-Burner Propane Gas Grill

In this grill you get 4 burners and their total BTUs is 48800 and the BTUs of the stainless steel burner is 10600, the BTUs of the side burner is 12k and the rotisserie system is also available in this grill whose per Hour BTUs is 10600.

The smoker box burner has 6800 BTUs and in this grill you are given hooks on the side to hang the utensils and you are also given 2 side tables and 4 lighted knobs.

The warming rack area gives you 580 square inches and a handle light is also provided while its cooking area is 468 square inches.

You are also given 6 batteries in it and a lid fuel Gauge system is also attached.