Yoder VS Traeger: Which Pellet Grill is Better To Buy in 20s?


Today we will talk about Yoder VS Traeger grill, which one is the best and which grill should be chosen. By looking at their features and functions, it will be easy to decide which grill you should buy.

First, we will discuss our Yoder Grill and introduce its features and system.

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Yoder VS Traeger
Yoder VS Traeger

Yoder History

This grill was invented in 1990, and the inventor of this grill was Don Yoder himself. He created the company in his name, and the speciality of this company was to make barbecue pit grills and smokers.

This company was incorporated in 2009. After entering the industry, it started making different types of grills like pellet grills, charcoal grills and many accessories, and the performance of this grill also became famous.

Now, this grill is sold in many places, and many dealers keep selling it because its quality and name have become very famous, and it has become popular among people.

Best Features Of The Yoder YS640s

The built-in cooking grates are made of porcelain enameled cast iron, which retent heat from the food and also gives good sear marks on the food. It is also easy to clean their grates with a stainless steel brush.

This grill also gives you space in which you can keep some utensils or accessories like you can keep the gas tank and it gives you access so you can see how much fuel you have left.

WiFi + Bluetooth Connectivity

With this grill, you also get a cooking duration monitor, and you can set the temperature on and off; it works with WiFi, and you can monitor the temperature, and You can also get access by connecting Bluetooth with the grill.

Front & Side Shelves

In this grill, you get a side rack and a front rack where you can keep your cooking accessories and your food utensils.

Grease Drain

In this, you are also given a separate system for collecting grease so that the fat from your food does not make the grill dirty.


The body of this grill is made of stainless steel. It is also very heavy-duty built-in which cannot be damaged, nor can its paint be damaged because it is double-wall insulated.

Cooking Area

The cooking area provided to you by this grill is 1070 sq. inches, and it is vast, and you can quickly cook 30 to 40 burgers on it.

2nd Level Slide-Out Cooking Shelf

In this, you get a surface where you cook food, and in another, you get a warming rack where you can place food to cook with smoke.

Probe Access Port

You are provided with two probes to monitor the heat of the meat, and you can now check the heat of 2 meat pieces with dual probes; these dual probes feature is provided in fewer grills.

Ceramic Ignition System

In this, you have also been provided with an ignition system.

Heavy-Duty Orange Casters

In this grill, you get 2 small wheels with a lock in orange colour, which you can use while cooking food; then, your grill will not move.


Dimensions : – Four 8″x19.75″ Cooking Grates
– 15.5″x28″ 2nd Level Slide-Out Shelf

Weight : 335 lbs

Hopper size : 20 lbs

Cooking space : 1,070 square inches

We discuss Traeger and see what all its specs and functions are.

Traeger Grill History

The Traeger Company was founded in the 1980s, and its first grill was a wood pellet launched in the United States, invented by Joe Traeger.

Time passed, and Traeger continued to launch new products and maintain their quality. Today, Traeger is a well-known company in the industry with high-quality products.

So today, we will discuss in detail about Timberline model of Traeger.

Best Features Of The Traeger Timberline 850

The product or model we have selected today is the YS640S, a pellet grill demanding development due to its performance. Today we will see its available features.

WiFIRE® technology

This option allows you to download the app to your mobile and monitor the grill’s temperature.

You can set the grill’s temperature, and you can activate and deactivate the grill’s temperature by sitting anywhere, and it will never spoil your food.

D2® Direct Drive system

This technology is now available in New grills as the first pellets come from the hopper to the auger system, while the induction fan pulls the pellets towards the auger as the pellets go into the hot rod and heats, Produces and distribute to Surface and control all this is also very easy.

Super Smoke™ mode

In this, the grill provides you with a smoke test, you will notice that you will never see smoke, but your food will definitely taste like hardwood.

GrillGuide™ system

It is attached to your grill, which tells the temperature of your food, and due to this, we get excellent results.

Large cooking area

The cooking area of this grill is large on which you can make 15 burgers easily because its area is 850 square inches, and you can cook the whole animal on it.

You can use this grill for significant events and parties because it gives you space to cook different foods.

Durable construction

This grill is made of good quality material, and stainless steel is heavy-duty, making it durable and long-lasting.

3 Tiers of Stainless-Steel Grates

In this, you get 3 tiers which means you get 3 grates like a surface where you can do direct cooking, and two you can call top side 2 warming racks and there you can also cook food.

Bamboo cutting board

With this grill, you get a Bumbo cutting board and a prep space to do extra work and cutting.

And you also get a little space in the front; you get a shelf with less space on which you can only place the utensils.

Dual Position Smoke/Sear Bottom Grate

In this, you get two options for cooking, one of which you cook on the Surface and the other on 2 warming rocks; you are given the facility of cooking food through smoke too.

Concealed Grease Management

This grill comes with a grease bucket where the fat and oil from your food are collected, and when it is complete, you can empty it quickly.

Included Meat Probe

A meat probe is provided with your grill, and you insert a needle into your meat during cooking, which monitors the internal temperature of the meat.

All-Terrain Wheels

To move this grill from one place to another, you get wheels in it, making it easy for you, and their size is also significant.

Locking Caster Wheels

And there is also an option to lock the two wheels; if you close your wheels, then During cooking, it does not move by themselves; it is fixed in one place.

Grill Tool Hooks

Along with the prep space, you also get hooks to hang your utensils or keep your tools safe while cooking.


Dimensions : 28″x51″x46″

Weight : 213 lbs

Hopper size : 24 lbs

Cooking space : 850 sq inch