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Grilling indoors? A concept so intriguing it pivots us right into the vast universe of indoor electric grills and their remarkable capacity to recreate the delightful, smoky essence of our favourite barbecued meals within the comfort of our kitchens. Let’s delve into a comprehensive review of these ingenious culinary tools, specifically highlighting the reputedly best smokeless variant, and answering your quietly simmering questions on indoor grilling.

What Is an Indoor Electric Grill?

An indoor electric grill, often hailed for its smokeless capabilities, provides a grilling experience that is liberated from the requisite of open flames and consequently, abundant smoke. Electric grills, especially those tailored for indoor use, utilise electric heating elements to cook and impart a charred texture to the food. But the question is, do electric grills taste good, and are they worth it?

  • Electric Indoor Grill Reviews share a spectrum of feedback, but a common thread weaves through: the convenience and health benefits of grilling without a smoke-filled room.

Types of Electric Grills

There are diverse selections in the electric grill market, each uniquely purposed:

  • Open Grills: Resembling a traditional outdoor grill but electrically powered.
  • Contact Grills: Compact and foldable, they cook from both sides simultaneously, exuding a semblance to panini presses.
  • Grill Plates: Often removable and suitable for various cooking styles, from grilling to griddling.
  • Indoor Smokeless Grills: Engineered to minimise smoke emission while retaining the grilling efficacy.
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Infrared Cooking

Infrared Cooking Why You Want Indoor Grill

Infrared grills, particularly those designed for indoor utilisation like the indoor infrared grill, employ a distinctive cooking mechanism:

  • How Does an Infrared Grill Work? It uses infrared technology to heat the food directly, rather than warming the air around it, promoting faster and more energy-efficient cooking.
  • Infrared Smokeless Grill: This variant minimises smoke production, making it apt for indoor applications.

The lamps focus radiant heat upward onto the grill grate and your food. They pack quite a punch – the Phillips Indoor Grill, our test subject, boasts a temperature of 446°.

So, Why Would You Want an Indoor Grill?

Infrared Cooking After Clean 1

The best indoor grills proffer a myriad of advantages:

  • All-Weather Grilling: Whether it’s rain or snow outside, your grilling endeavours remain unhindered.
  • Healthy Cooking: A fat-draining system in many grills means fewer calories on your plate.
  • Convenience: Forget the charcoal, the smoke, and extensive cleaning!
  • Versatility: From the best indoor grill for steaks to veggies, your culinary creativity knows no bounds.

Testing the Best-Rated Indoor Smokeless Grill: Phillips HD6371

  • Philips HD6371/94 has garnered noteworthy acclaim in the realm of smokeless indoor BBQ grills, thanks to its infrared technology and special reflectors that guide the heat towards the grid, achieving a beautifully grilled, yet evenly cooked outcome.
  • Philips Indoor Smokeless Grill Reviews often spotlight its easy setup, non-slip feet, and a dishwasher-safe parts feature as pivotal points of convenience.
  • Grilling Performance: Undoubtedly, the even cooking and minimal smoke during operation stand out. However, does it truly encapsulate the authentic, smoky flavour quintessential to traditional grilling?

In a nutshell, the electric indoor grill provides a modern twist to conventional grilling, embodying a confluence of convenience, healthfulness, and year-round BBQ enjoyment.

To showcase indoor grills at their finest, we looked to the highest-rated model according to The Squirrel: the Philips Smoke-less Avance Collection Indoor Grill, model HD6371/94.

Whether the Phillips HD6371/94 is the best smokeless indoor grill for you hinges largely on your specific grilling expectations and requirements. Happy grilling indoors!


Infrared Cooking Setup

Setting up the Philips HD6371/94, like most electric indoor grills, is lauded for its simplicity. Place it on a stable, heat-resistant surface, ensuring adequate space for ventilation. Attach the parts as per the guide – the grates, drip tray, and any additional accessories. The detailed manual helps guide through this initial process, ensuring you’re not grappling with parts and setup quandaries, making it a user-friendly device even for beginners.

Powering Up

Infrared Cooking Power Up

Upon successfully setting up the grill, powering up involves connecting it to an electric outlet and turning it on using the control knob. The Philips HD6371/94 is noteworthy here due to its advanced infrared heating technology, which ensures consistent heating across the entire grill. Awaiting it to reach the desired temperature is pivotal for optimal grilling results. This grill typically preheats to a constant 446°F, which is considered an ideal temperature for searing meat while retaining its juiciness.

Infrared Cooking Powered Up


Infrared Cooking Testing

Testing is pivotal to gauge its performance across various metrics like heat consistency, smoke production, and ease of use. For the Philips indoor grill, it’s particularly vital to observe how effectively its infrared and reflectors system works in real-time grilling scenarios. Assessing how evenly it cooks different food items, the semblance it bears to traditional grilling flavours, and its actual smokelessness are key testing aspects.

Steak Test

Infrared Cooking Steak Test

The steak test is almost a rite of passage for grills to validate their performance. Here, factors like preheating time, even cooking, the authenticity of grill marks, and the retention of juiciness in the steak are scrutinised. A great indoor grill will seamlessly cook the steak, ensuring the inside is perfectly done to your liking, without charring the exterior excessively. Considering reviews and its specification, the Philips HD6371/94 aims to deliver a well-seared, juicy steak with minimal fuss and smoke.

More Tests

Infrared Cooking Kabab Grill

Moving beyond steaks, testing can extend to an array of items like vegetables, fish, and poultry. Observing how the grill manages thinner, flakier items like fish, or bulkier ones like chicken breasts, gives a comprehensive view of its versatility. Exploring different recipes, from simple grilled veggies to marinated meats, aids in understanding how well the grill adapts to varied culinary demands.


Infrared Cooking After Cooking
Infrared Cooking Bowl

Clean-up can either enhance or sully the overall grilling experience. The best indoor electric grills often boast easy cleanup as a selling point. With its removable parts and dishwasher-safe grates, the Philips indoor grill underscores a hassle-free clean-up experience. Ensuring no residue is left on the grill and that it’s properly stored ensures longevity and consistent performance.

Overall Experience

Culminating all the aspects, the overall experience encompasses the setup, usability, grilling performance, and clean-up. The Philips HD6371/94, with its sophisticated technology, aims to provide a seamless, smokeless grilling experience indoors. The judiciousness of its performance, however, is intertwined with personal culinary preferences, usage, and expectations from an indoor grill.

Should You Buy an Electric Grill?

The conundrum of whether to invest in an electric grill hinges on several factors, including your culinary preferences, space availability, and desired convenience level. Here, we’ll delve deeper into considering such a purchase from two different perspectives: a meat enthusiast (or a “meat geek”) and an individual with a more general or alternative dietary inclination (non-meat geek).

One of the significant benefits of an electric grill is how it handles fat drips from the meat. Unlike traditional grills, electric grills often come with features that reduce flare-ups and smoke, providing a healthier cooking environment. The fat drips away from the meat, reducing your intake of greasy food and making your meals leaner and more heart-friendly.

The Weber Q 2400 stands out as an exemplary model in the electric grill market. Known for its consistent heating and ease of use, it caters to both beginners and experienced grillers. Its compact design makes it ideal for small patios or balconies, while its power ensures you don’t compromise on the quality of your grilled foods.

Understanding the history of Weber can be crucial in your purchasing decision. Weber has a long-standing reputation for quality and innovation in grilling technology.

In summary, opting for an electric grill like the Weber Q 2400 could be a wise choice, especially if you’re looking for a healthier, convenient, and reliable grilling experience. The combination of Weber with it’s history expertise in grill design and the modern features of electric grills makes this a compelling option for any home cook.

Should a Meat Geek Buy One?

Meat aficionados or “meat geeks” often derive joy not just from the succulent, perfectly grilled piece of meat but also from the process of grilling itself. For them, factors like precise temperature control, the ability to sear perfectly, and maintaining the meat’s juiciness are paramount. An electric grill, particularly models like the Philips HD6371/94, can potentially be a worthy investment due to its infrared technology which provides consistent heat and facilitates even cooking – imperative for an impeccable steak or burger. Moreover, electric grills are lauded for their convenience and smokeless operation, particularly beneficial for indoor usage. However, it may lack the authentic, smoky flavour produced by charcoal grills, which might be a deterrent for some meat geeks. So, the decision boils down to what weighs more: the convenience and cleanliness of electric grilling or the traditional smoky flavour associated with conventional grilling.

Should a Non-Meat Geek Buy One?

Non-meat geeks, encompassing vegetarians, vegans, or those who simply don’t prioritise meat in their culinary adventures, might also ponder upon investing in an electric grill. Here, the considerations might tilt towards factors like ease of cleaning, versatility in cooking various items, and the healthiness of the cooked food. For someone who grills a myriad of items, including vegetables, tofu, and other alternatives, the electric grill stands out as a practical option. It ensures evenly cooked, seared, and grilled items without the mess and extensive preparation or cleanup time. Additionally, electric grills are apt for grilling delicate items like fruits and vegetables with precision, without overpowering them with smoke or causing them to stick or burn. So, for non-meat geeks, the electric grill, with its convenience, ease of use, and the ability to adeptly handle a variety of foods, might just be a worthy addition to the kitchen.

Cast iron pans are good for different scenarios, where you want to avoid sudden spikes or drops in temperature, hot spots and similar phenomenon, as they heat up slowly, uniformly and store a lot of thermal energy.

The advantage of nice cast-iron grill pan is that because of its high heat retention, it retains its high temperature when you drop a cold food into it. So you get an even good-quality sear and char.


In conclusion, the decision to buy an electric grill, whether you’re a meat geek or not, is influenced by a blend of your culinary needs, grilling preferences, and the physical constraints of your grilling environment.


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